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of face appears. Semi comatose condition supervenes.
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tion instead of speculation. It was this that gave to
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and at times avoid errors in diagnosis that would be
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the mnscnlar walls peritoneum under the gut through
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frontal bone developed above supra orbital ridges latter
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subjexts and also Reports of Cases occurring in practice.
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justice will look upon the latest endeavor of certain mem
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terested in a hospital which has especially of late
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sponge bath in the morning with the addition of salt
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suitable patients. This latter method I saw efficiently and successfully used
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which I have had the opportunity of observing. This case occurred in the
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and the not very satisfactory section shows only a zone of round celled
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after enucleation of the prostate. The prostatic capsule bladder ureters with
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chemical tests of renal inefficiency indicate a risk in operating even when
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with marked hyperglycaemia hut with a small and almost constant output of
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formidable antagonist during full term labour it intensifies the head moulding
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throughout the volume are most excellent ajid as a hand book
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it seemed possible to give an exhaustive definition of
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with sense of resistance about five inches in diameter
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heart extraordinarily difficult. AH the symptoms char
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sidered by the physicians of the early part of this
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this case was obstruction of the intestine a prominent
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perfttive that the source of water should be as far as
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tary character which this disease is liable to assume.
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to separate the urines from each kidney before applying the tests. For more
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For the week ending Febrnary 21 in Boston accordlngto ob
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Although the micro organisms in the vagina are not all
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licving that by dilatation and judicious curetting patients
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times greatly increased by the necessary removal of a
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the DM of the thyroid extract in the case narrated by
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quate apparatus and a working knowledge of the rela
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and for six months had no attacks gave it some color.
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recourse is to remove the scabs as well as possible
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or prickles. It is difficult therefore to be certain whether they are epithelial
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the unhappy. It affects the children of those affected soon after birth and
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toms of erysipelas. Typical cases begin with a chill and
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reaches its limit ceases to press out further begins
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nation with alcohol a profound depreciation it toler
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fly in insane fear from house and home at the approach of
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in experimental operation there is scarcely any typhoid.
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the healing effect of nature the availability of country pursuits and the fine
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tubes were impervious diseased conditions would in
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able of caosing tuberculosis in animals after at least
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The operating urethroscope will be described first. When the obturator
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mansoni cercaria from Physopsis africana in apparently preserved material sent
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established and the tendency of surgical opinion to day
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cardial area slight pafiBness of eyelids. The jugulars
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surgical purposes the area of destruction is enormously increased. There are
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for Abscess of the Brain for Tumor of the Brain for Hydro
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further be necessary to show that it is possible to
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tent of the disease and the severity of the symptoms
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architect has found that too often the stated scientific
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pressure from accumulating gases the doctor says adds
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physical examination of Inspector of Hulls. March 9 1894.
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insane some light and interesting employment merits
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No material advance was possible until the structure
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lessly waiting for nature to act or by sacrificing the
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of the American Electro Therapeutic Association and a
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tention bad nursing unskilful treatment their reply


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