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the reason Chat I believe that there should be more of

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troops ammunition and supplies by the movements of motor ambulances. In

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There are some thirty cases in medical literature bat

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counts because leucocytosis if constant in appendicitis

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Reapiratory System. Hypertrophy In the post nasal space espe

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length over the site of the injury dividing the thinned

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was born three years ago but died at the age of four

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to their wishing to avoid the rigor of an examination con

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Demonstrator of Anatomy Trinity Medical College To

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operation a diagnosis of acute cholecystitis had been made. The surgical

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public spirited persons devoted to their work that it is

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to Jensen s rat sarcoma can be rendered susceptible by exposure to suitable

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for dealing with the problem of obstructions and defects in roads as E.E.

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said to have had valvular disease all her life as long

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rate that is where I have found it and other men have

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affections or between a multiple and migrating neuri

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the summer and the other in the spring 92 cases were

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pregnancy collected from the literature. In only two of these was a decidual

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having failed to relieve the patient transfusion was

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still while they have been in the early stages and with

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states. The trouble is that only in early cases can

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when given internally in the form of an emulsion to arrest haemorrhage from

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have been anticipated and suitable arrangements made accordingly. He thought

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For example I treated last year at the Massachusetts

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fascia the external and internal oblique muscles trans

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eye which fourteen days before admission became red and painful and

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at Forest Hills this year and several engagements are

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ished he has shown in the blood of diabetic persons

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given several times a day had been found very efficient

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curred while the pulse rarely corresponded with the tem

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cal figure and bringing the edges of the cut portion to

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slice of bone which has been sawn off one of the frag

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silver until the yellow color of the water changed to

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most experienced family doctor who two and three quarter years afterwards

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felt either by external or internal examination and

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cases there is a quantitative diminution while in the

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about fourteen centimetres of the Fallopian tube with

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a glass reservoir or a system of tubes and pipettes

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oculation experiments had failed because the soil in all

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from those in non pregnant individuals in three respects the urea content of

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Professor Dreyer has discarded standing height or stature as a factor for

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ospital which is henceforth known by his name and his

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services of the Board s officials are not at his disposal.

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certain ways. Pure empiricism was decaying although

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appearing in this view like an inflated balloon and contrasting strongly with

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system together with the time employed in the ante

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courses usually the latter. The first course would be

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before the coroner he shall have charge judicially of all

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existed before antiseptics yet a strenuous effort has

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champagne eighty lambs five hundred fillets of beef

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tained and in those there were no somatic manifesta

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lateral ascending tract and was unable to find any evi

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be addreieedtothe KdUort the Boelon Medical amd SmrgioalJommal

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