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vagina is ballooned out imtil it is well distended. In the majority of
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The congenital type with negative family history grouped with
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dealt with by a social agency and that she herself must visit the
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practice. Among the most important questions discussed are the
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unless 15 grams alcohol are given which would amount to 105
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since childhood and following a severe attack became suddenly
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reasonable one because two of the twelve nurses were attached to
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i ral question and I wouldn t go into this case ex
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research had exercised a distinct influence on medi
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forms absent in a small series of tuberculids and in lupus vulgaris.
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tically none at all. A most interesting phenomenon noted is the
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about a hypertrophy and hypersensitiveness of the sphincter region.
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ter splint and operation. Thirty five per cent were operated upon the
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a hospital ship and place it at the disposal of the
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left to the teacher man and woman respectively. Not everybody
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in such cases. It is worthy of note that this etilogical variety
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tic. The early history of this undertaking has Americans resident at Munich.
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city showed that they had been arrested 1 825 times in five years.
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of the liver there is a decided increase in the value
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discusses in considerable detail the defensive attri
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an autogenous vaccine which Potter thinks was of benefit in checking
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edly increase the nimiber of permanent cures. If radiotherapy
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as a sign of myocardial weakness but before we are willing to
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For obvious reasons we consider it better technique to reverse this
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the nuclei have been of peripheral arrangement simulating the
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of the most characteristic physical signs of the dis
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of the red cells increased number of reticulated cells and uro


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