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present for some years. But the improvement was already less obvious by the
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under proper care. That is to say if the local cause
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Guy s cases since 1914. A continuous record is thus available which includes
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covered. There were six cases which were meant to be
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and when this important point had been settled the approximate sites of
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slightly internally rotated scar of recently healed sinus in groin b Right
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he is fitted to thoroughly perform his duties. In the
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Glbney V. P. A case of myositis ossificans with multiple exos
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In commenting further upon the significance of these
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tion call it scrofulous or tuberculous or what you like
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Benecke. Zar Physiologie and Patholofcie des Phosphors nnd
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siderable quantities of blooid may enter the air pas
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occasionally had retention of urine needing the catheter.
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of procedure now is to catheterize the ureters after making an intramuscular
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of potash decolorized with oxalic acid and peroxide of
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dren salicylic collodion. Dr. Brooke uses as a base a
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authorities should be representative of the highest in
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Schoolhouse in view of the numerous oases of conta
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be a good one for the class of cases which I am nov
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cation with open arms. It is gaining recruits and is
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Dr. ARTHUR GILES asked whether Mr. Paramorc had considered the question of
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count 1 did the whole process over with a second drop
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ance of scarlet fever and diphtheria by public carriages 576.
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her out of mischief while he was away. He first perfo
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The knee jerks were generally distinctly increased.
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odontome exposed this was successfully done without disturbing it. The
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glaodalar swellings and neuritis were thought to be
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three years. She was not iu a position to have proper
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cave with the concavity outwards. Where in addition
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heredity bad habits financial stress wear and tear of nursing and finally influenza.
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stand with slight assistance to have her photograph
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Case of Unilateral Deafness with Anesthesia of the same Side of the
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Mr. JENNER YERRALL said that his own experience largely coincided with that of
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tics of this material are stiffness or rigidity when dry and
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incision and the uterus left tube and left solid ovarian tumour were removed
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the question of the possibility of the period of the year
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ease are already sufficiently rare to be worthy of pub
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the age of two years. For eve year s neglect the party
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typhoid is likely to be confounded do show leucocyto
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patient was delivered within a few hours of a premature
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personnel can do to aid the nervous and mental patient. Environment has
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which is better ritalin of modafinil
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tion who had been for some little time in a nervously
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the dog or cat decerebration may be necessary. The reactions may persist
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of consciousness which would present to the psyche the visual and other
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individuals underwent a rather agreeable experiment
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This difficulty when met can be obviated in various ways.
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deformities are due to errors of development. C. Judg
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membrane covering the delicate bones inside the nose
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LoiHer bacillus means association with diphtheria as
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Incubation Period least 7 days average not determined
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meeting of the vitalizing elements at a point elsewhere
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and destruction of a portion of the frontal lobes of the
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Such knowledge can only be had ander a careful sys
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after all be the best treatment in many forms of chronic
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followed by very little reaction or pain and each case
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which the strength of the patient might be increased
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of Health to the Medical Practitioners of his District.
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lieve it better not to call it pseudo erysipelas. Elliot
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expression of despair. He appeared to be in extremis.
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never seen a similar one reported. Should a case of
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students of human anatomy 345 Buck A. H. supplement to the
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following officers were elected for the ensuing year
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urinary urea after MacLean s concentration test was 3 per cent. This suggests


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