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the instillation of mydriatics. I have no objection to the
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septal and other peri uterine adenomyomata have been reported at various
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with peritonitis has received a new and important con
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is filled the supply is shut off the tube detached
is valium more sedating than xanax
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explain the mechanism by which this growth is achieved and the influences of
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In his very full report on war nephritis MacLean also distinguishes Ix tween
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be published in the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.
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methods for the prevention of deplorable haste awut
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a doty to seriously consider the means of their educa
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best result if made up as follows after a careful test
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tained shall be construed as affecting any action that may
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study necessary before graduation. This measure went
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over a ill be made to visit the Lake and Garfield BMch. From
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The next day September 18th the temperature had les
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them are regarded by Freud as related and connected
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will be issued in an early publication of the Imperial
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eral miliary tuberculosis Bright s disease pulmonary
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the river is joined by Baker s Brook which though it
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tap or for quicker work put the gauge at the desired temperature for
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tis and the condition continued until the necrosis of
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loman have reiK rted a number of cases of pregnancy
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campaigns were being neglected in comparison with that on the Western Front.
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have thought of that too and it is a valid objection
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trual blood which is left in the uterus and vagina
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these cases is frequently followed by very serious conse
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ment. This appeared as an ill defined rounded fluc
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subcutaneous tissue radial nerve was found lying immediately on head of
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other than that she had been subject to bilioas at
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contact with diphtheria patients had never taken diph
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accurate knowledge of the clinical history and morbid
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now on the tapis as it brings us up to date regard
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the apecimen is described. It is asnally the result of
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bilicus ou the right side and as far as the ambilicns in
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seemed to me a raUonal procedure especially as enough
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ment. By taking four fields in each of the four direc
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was getting knock kneed. Has progressively become more and more
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being 85 per cent. She remained in a very exhausted condition and died
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is more concise and emphasizes the writer s own preter
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collapse of the soft parts into the mastoid cavity.
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tions. The case of a patient in one of the city hos
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eases his experience is in accord with that of Hailer
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lost this extreme fear they formerly had of dealing
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in lacerating their tired nerves and then takiug a daily
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latioD colon bacilli were found in large numbers and
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under any special set of clinical conditions. In all
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the normal action of those centres it has been inferred
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equally efficient institutions on voluntary founda
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as late as ten or twelve years ago excision of chan
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nsaal seat of the appendix is usually dependent npon
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is the only structure affected and that the other coats undergo dilatation and
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headache and the patient hates work. The symptoms are however very
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left auricle was almost invisible. The right side of the
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public vaccination should be March Tth instead of March 6th as
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were elevated. She had lost much flesh and strength.
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same are also made by them and are beautiful speci
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this region later. She remained in bed for ten weeks
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yellowish white is in these cases discolored red and
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down as an absolute fact that it does not occur. Bat


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