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cians in charge and on December 26th he was sent to

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Annual Meeting at Kingston Ont August 88 89 and 80 1695.

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ajn ninteresting to the reader who has not time at his

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tissue incised. Pressure over the abdomen cansed the

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fact that all strictures which can be at once treated by

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lymphatic leuosmia there are no varieties other than

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G. W. AGED 47 a subject of disseminated sclerosis complains of deaf

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complete distance from incision to incision is measured on the curved tube.

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considerable deposit consisting mainly of organic de

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dust laden atmoshpere will give rise to irritation

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ries and uterus. We appeal also at last to the mem

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does or can eflfect this result that all that is neces

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manikins are copies of the normal and abnormal pelves in the Museum they

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as antiseptic remedies in the hopes of checking the

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exceedingly long duration. The affection of the mus

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more constant and brnsqne the varicose and oedematous condi

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Henoch s retirement. At first he declined the position

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Amerloan Journal of Medical Salenoes tor September 1B83.

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direct connexion between the uterine endometrium and adenomyomata situ

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reactions and their value in diagnosis and prognosis

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still all the other signs and symptoms of leucaemia.

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propriety of tearing or cutting it and extracting rapidly

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some days and was probably inert. At all events the vac

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Tulane University was a man full of youthful activity

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considerable facilities as regards obtaining clinical work those who were

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freely united with that involving the left canine which had already been

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growth you find it is red and very vascular with little

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Germania a Monthly Manzine for the Study of the German

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Iwjnes of the foot the os calcis is most freijuently

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plains in the first place and chiefly of pain in one

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ing the spHot. There is now about one inch of shorten

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the ileum where there is also resistance and dnlnesi.

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u See dlMunlon between Oley and Monuo Comptea B ndas

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necessarily recognize the great importance of having

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The and shows itself at an early period in the homan

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This with other matters kept us very busy during ue

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higher plates can be used but the result can be more

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Some contain lipoid substance and the cytoplasm does not stain with eosin.

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whatever to do with vision and that there is no lesion

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directly with the cavity of the uterus. The bottom of

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Where paralysis of all muscles is complete there is usually little deformity.

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her condition normally becomes better so that if the

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This is a complication which precludes treatment by X rays according to

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method of making the examination be stated was v.ery

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after the decapitation after exposing the motor con

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readily set aside yet I am convinced that in another

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each side of it alternately by means of a flat paste brush.

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destroy the ligaments on the posterior part of the car

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of traumatism and pressure. It had been his experi


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