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and htematosalpinx there is danger of rupture of the

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and hereditary predispositions which would develop a visual memory which by

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chief source of error in my opinion lies in the quali

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with the additional feature of short folding handles pro

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the naked eye as a wriggling opalescent mass which disperses gradually when

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powerful factor in the production of degeneration had

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dislodge and to remove each scab or portion of dis

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cultures killed them in ten hours. Janson 28 thinks

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dark ages but the indices to our recognized authorities

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of the entire experience of its eminent author with

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the retina 5 the external molecular layer is farther away from the choroid

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exhausted by vomiting from repeated doses of ipecac

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Ezperi mental Study of tbe Nature and Action of Certain So

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that they may have taken their disease by having in

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is only practically possible by infecting experimental animals and recovering

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that of his professional brethren. We knew him long and

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conditions and that of the urine varied within wide limits under quite normal

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operation for removal of an ordinary fibroid of the

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night and sometimes as many as three times in eight

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tions was very great as regards the debility. The fits

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The 2 000 inhabitants of Jutroscbin are about evenly

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ing an opinion which might compromise the reputation

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authorised to employ counsel and a stenographer and

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ion has collected 100 oases from the literature upon

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The obstetrical meridian is occupied by well housed and well managed

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pendicitis with localized peritonitis. It is very unusual

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Hogner R. Treatment of small pox by non admittance of the

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action is required. The hopeless and costly confusion

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patient s palate. It is sometimes possible with cocaine

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trance into the wound It is an interesting conjecture.

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President himself. The Cotnmittee thus appointed con

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finds that this too has a powerful influence on oxida

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word of explanation. Our knowledge is now increasing very rapidly in all

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to illustrate the general method of dealing with cases

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tis or something very distressing but it is well to be

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This combination was perhaps fundamental to the school of thought and teaching of

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tion shoald be limited to simple drainage when the sac

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cardium presented as a large distended bag tense and

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member of this Section I commenced the investigation in 1913. Shortly

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out a new panacea for a disorder about the diagnosis

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dentist is insufficient to preserve the temporary dentition in good working con

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grad uated from Harvard College in the class of 1850 of whicli

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Clinical reports from eminent physicians throughout the World

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to find even gummata in this situation which belong

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of the disease such as lowered resistance and unsuitable environment the dog

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made to tremble ao tliat under the pressure of the finger the Tlbration

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better qualified to battle with the scientific theories

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iliac fossa. At the end of the third day the condition

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congestion and cedema occurring during pregnancy Goss F. W.

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faces with lohich the powder is intended to come in

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disability with permission to leave the Department of Dakota

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necessary to push up the lower edge and partly rotate

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lying in hospitals twenty nine miscellaneous special


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