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represent the Medical Department of the Army at the Eleventh

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among cattle in India. I have myself inspected hundreds of live cattle and

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creased prevalence of the itch was made and the suggestion

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to the large total of acute amoebic dysentery. Many cases in India vaguely

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their appetite that they remained crouching in a corner

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and the torticollis and hemiatrophy of the face were

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progress. The Medical School has been advanced to pre

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by the diplococcus lanceolatns. In this case there was

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stripped upwards. The upper margin of the diverticulum was found to extend

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and after some weeks sclerosis of the cord that de

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or some slipshod thinker scoffs at nervousness as a

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experiments were made with precipitate which had been well washed and

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pregnancy and complained of intense headaches and insomnia. I performed colectomy.

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course of twenty four hours. I tried a series of differ

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their tonic effect. The quantity of the earthy phos

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regarding the branching of the hyaloid artery. He also regarded the fibrous tissue

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at the induction of labor would probably render it pos

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peritoneal layer of fatty tissue and had passed out

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meeting a multitude of indications such as to protect

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Maternity Department and such was the care of the two

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liquefy serum or gelatine. On serum it induced a narrow.one of black discoloration

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point of adhesion of caecum to thu abdominal parietes.

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infection after induction of premature labour after a very prolonged labour and the

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after operation before they regained their full health though they were

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HYPOPH08PHITK OF LIME. For Phthisis and all Diseases of the Lungs.

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on the Ranger. Upon the reporting of relief detached from

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physicians each of whom is a graduate of some legally

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was not possible to be certain that bleeding had ceased.

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with the developing first permanent molar and that the sarcoma started after

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tired and in a hungry condition. This was the first

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knowledge all teeth of this class should be removed although the mischief has

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Kespecting the former period Howland says that the low level of carbon

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Regarding the facilities for completing a four years

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dren and wards to be duly vaccuiated before they attain

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physiological economy before giving the anaesthetic.

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by other general measures there is a way of prevent

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instructional centre the courses of instruction and examinations being con

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question to which we will give a candid answer. Are

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finally became so weak and exhausted from the progress

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to be rheuaiatism. Three cases of otitis media were

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Immediately after passing urine a sample of blood is taken. Theoretically it

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liar class of cases affecting the spine it is noticeable I

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cated as the dangerous complication of intra pelvic

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ensure dryness of immediate surroundings would have

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patient s condition though satisfactory in some respects

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ting up on boiling into carbolic acid and nitrogen.

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which adopt this plan. To the former class belong the

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A law may be good in the abstract but it is practi

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sometimes remains localised. A slight pallor a little

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The boys and girls of to day born of nervous parents

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have usually arisen more or less apart from the ordinary life and home

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in chnrch. In the afternoon he stayed at home on the

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