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positive percentage is much greater in the far advanced cases and

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structures dealing exclusively with the intervertebral foramina in

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weeks from the onset of the swelling the patient died running a

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appraise them of the fact that insofar as the future of their work

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the injection site shows as a maximum reaction a nodule the size

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ity to concentrate salt in the urine varies in different

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of a Physician indicates a volume of collected essays read and

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Crafts and Singer. All have described the microscopic appear

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and the retraction of the left costal margin to become more marked

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syphilitic antibodies. If the scrum to be tested is

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this line. It purports to be three lectures delivered by the author

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of hard dry yellow substance in the ossifying layer adjoining

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but to the medical profession and the nursing fraternity a most

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requires rather intimate association with lice infested persons or their

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and allow them the freedom of the safe paths. They must for

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disease bacteriological methods of examination of the same and

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sons. The solid line represents the ratio of deaths from a

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and the amount of functioning kidney tissue. Thus the fact long

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agreed calcification always precedes abnormal ossification. These

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The new tube invented by Coolidge and used in many labor

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a physician and a man whom all Canadians delight to honour we

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procedure were employed in this case it is difficult

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ance. They presented tremor of the upper extremities which began

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In a typical Canadian refomnatory for women examination

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subcutaneous the intravenous the oral and the rectal. It is

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his clear intellect appears to have enabled him to take

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Since making these tabulations. Case 24 of twenty five years

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The author shows a commendable effort toward compactness

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specific infection or a positive Wassermann reaction supported by

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Gastric Sediment August 22. Fragment of gastric mucosa shows


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