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I ordered the thyroid extract of Parke Davis amp Co.

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termination of labor. He is an advocate of active in

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ing the spring thaws all these infected excreta found

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On examination of the colon in other regions multiple sacculi were seen some

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imprisonment nor death itself could check the march of

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rhoea is often improved. It is also of service where

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tbe practice of medicine from a neurological standpoint Hughes

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infection was probably intra uterine the possibility of

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like the Loyal Legion and the Grand Army of the Repub

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this damming up in the lower ileum by retaining the ileocaecal valve with

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have nothing to add to his interesting remarks except

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times a minute. She says she always breathes in this

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the first place. Acute eczema for instance is sometimes

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with the highest efforts for the alleviation of human

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ing fitctors and in nearly all cases there are they

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BECKER J. I. A Preliminary Note on an Intermediate Host of Bilkarzia hamatobium

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out of the act passed last year which conferred ex

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cult face presentation owing to the fibroid bnt these

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There is still one other form of inflammation of the

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where before his eyes and smiles a little as he contem

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The treatment of pulpless teeth is perhaps one of the most pressing

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prostate. Indeed for such cases the test might be discarded altogether. At

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rate that is where I have found it and other men have

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cially in children. Sixty three cases were studied in

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It is with the first variety of etiological factors how

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solution was now begun for its tonic and antimalarial

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world at the present time is markedly different in some

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enamel projecting from a mixed tissue containing many large calcospherites.

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the peritoneal covering and turning them out of their

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for contract doctors though formerly this was the case

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Double vulcanization is a practical if patchy way of securing a better

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them sufficiently elastic for the lower extremities

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establish State farms for the production of vaccine

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remove the astragalus. Where control of the knee is good the short stable

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had a sore throat and was put in the same room over

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the greatest care the results of both of which were

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penetrate to the base of the skull thus resembling the

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The scientific principles which have enabled the ob

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hallucination or delusion unless it may be a delusion

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is very uncommon there is also true but other condi

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dominal pain rapidly locating itself over the right iliac

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alight haemorrhage in the dura on the right side cor

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is therefore recommended that the ule of slates be dis

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cently arrested in Central Park New York for assault

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the number of colonies of bacteria in one cubic centi

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iant Ophthalmic Surgeon MauaehuulU ChmritatU Rye and gar

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After a careful study of the tenderness in different

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surprisingly large number of these young people have

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Diagnosis should seldom offer any special difficulty

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skein. There is abundant loose intertubular connective tissue in which are

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Such an albuminuria appears to us to be more rationally explained as the

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fluid. Thus if the feet of the dog were raised ver

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They bad their beginning in alleys and courts densely

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It covers the whole range of gynaecological subjects


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