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be bad a little trouble in his bronchial tubes or a little
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counter pressure comes upon a single leather pad and
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suspend treatment here is to lose all we have gained
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Treatment. January 1922 nitrous oxide administered. Eight upper
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fifty three matriculants the past year. The instmo
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represented the result which should be sought for after
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not talk intelligently. She had the look of a person
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fibrous sac lined with atrophied mucous membrane. It is unreasonable to
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and retained it by the introduction into the rectum
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officially as acting assistant sureeons of the United States
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and less in degree than leucssmia bat counts as large
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blood must be in sufficient quantity to enable them to undertake their
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the larger veins in the neighbourhood and that at some subsequent period a
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berry was strong and robust and weighed one hundred
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of the clinical comparison between the acnte amygda
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day until the sensitiveness is diminished enough to
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halers when left in sick rooms is their liability to get
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favor and the First Indian Medical Congress will be
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the abdomen was dull on percussion in the lower part
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height face slightly flushed but not cyanotic or livid.
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on by heart failure or heart paralysis. But he does
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Dr. Field s description of the reception pavilion for
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into which it is divided the extrarperitoneal treatment
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in cases where the lesion seems to indicate the failure
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so protected by a covering of oiled paper or silk mackin
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such a case probably not diflicalt to trace the infection.
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morphia should be administered but stimulants should be avoided.
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tigate the periods of incubation and contagiousness of
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to show that the river ptr e is not a causative agent.
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It is in the first stage of labyrinthine symptoms that labyrinthotomy is
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can so beautifnllj operate upon but with uncertainty
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osteomalacia represents the extreme in this group of cases other conditions
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vidual it should be so constant in succeeding pregnan
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abdominal pain more intense on the right side accom
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Experiment showing the effect of injecting twenty cubic
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a rugged picturesque country that is reputed to and
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should danger arise from too prolonged a labor. In the
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we can eliminate any violent accident or injury which
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also be explained on the hypothesis that there is an
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count for the tendency to uric acid deposits which
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variable intolerance of the current which increases
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provision has been carried out and uutil disiufection of
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a final at the end of the fifth year which shall be
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attendants amp c. The numbers under training are being considerably increased.
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no use to its possessor from his birth to his death it follows
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plainly professes his belief in the identity of the
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or retractors transfixion of large veins with needle as in pelvic operations or
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the starting point of the disease be in the bone an
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a stream as might be desired. He said it was cheaper
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or at leeist suggest vertebral disease of some sort
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their size and the exact character of the tissue that
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cially of a literary kind was well nigh impossible.
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ever being left in. Several days after the operation
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numerous small nodules under the skin and the parotid
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the increase and this increase is not due alone to the


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