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    health rather than upon sickness it cannot escape responsibility

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    Agencies was held during the week of the Canadian Public Health

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    portion of one lobe if several lobes are implicated it is the portions

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    Media No. 3 Two per cent glucose agar plus 5 per cent whole

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    was present in some case but generally absent. From his experience

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    practice. Among the most important questions discussed are the

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    lowing nephrectomy if the remaining kidney was normal. In patients

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    of chronic jaundice occurring in several members of a family in

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    efficiency of the kidneys in excreting metabolism products. Cases

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    may produce living bone. Splitting of the periosteum

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    density toward the cardiac end of the greater curvature.

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    suppurative nephritis. This latter type which was originally

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    Such a sequel is not recognized by systematic writers on this

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    VENEREAL diseases constitute the greatest single public

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    fever occurred among our soldiers in the field or in camps. Ed.

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    youth and middle age. Its etiological data bacterial or general

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    patient was twice introduced into staff meetings for

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    others that lues may afi ect the heart alone is both interesting and

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    child welfare work is spasmodic and fragmentary our school in

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    sicians and the laity believe it to be an incurable

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    appendix in a retrocecal position was removed. Recovery

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    the body and involving the lower extremities as well at the same

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    is divided into 73 religious sects of which theirs alone

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    but should always utilize the means that best meet the indications


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