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    injections that the duration of the immunity in at least 90 per cent.

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    floor The pelvic fascia over the levator ani muscle

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    This last fact answers the question why sodium citrate lias not

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    willson primary and secondary acute cardiac pictures 261

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    of blood changes and the severity of the clinical manifestations. In

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    comes especially marked in individuals of constipated

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    tation persistent nervous overstrain or other equally vague idea

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    in Hodgkin s disease is an uncertain factor even when there is an

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    early in 1895 being the first so distributed in any

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    indefinitely by heating the mixture in a water bath for one half hour

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    an orange pigment. The bacillus was decidedly aerobic spreading

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    in his book on the Surgery of the Brain and Spinal Cord reports

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    valuable and should not be too long delayed. In acute infections

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    By means of the Venereal Disease Prevention Act much has been

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    treatment. Ho has gained from the cases studied the following facts

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    her usual headaches the pain being situated in the right temple.

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    the bronchioles from capillary bronchitis. It may ex

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    the stomach emptied itself in the first two hours of

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