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    The portion of the stomach included between these waves was

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    During this period of aspiration and re injection a stethoscope

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    He discusses treatment of the eyes and of the general

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    not inherited. The tendency to produce neoplasms under the right

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    though it may result from some low grade infection from the begin

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    ger of their condition their wives would have escaped and a happy

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    divided into small fragments and replaced in the tis

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    by feeding cane sugar white flour white bread or boiled fish. The

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    in that tissue so an otherwise unexplained ascites should lead to a

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    a leukocytosis might be induced. This is far from being an untrodden

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    proving almost fatal. On his return to bed the patient was gasping

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    degeneration of the liver cells and later a chronic hyperjjlastic

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    degeneration eventuates in the large white kidney parenchym

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    She was given nitroglycerin and thyroid extract. In a few days

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    of all parts of the state and eventually it is hoped

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    been suffering for three years with nausea and vomiting and an ob

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    negative in blood serum and spinal fluid. Throat cultures negative.

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    nature with fever and signs in the lungs. Trichinosis did not

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    suffice to recall its general symptomatology. First described by

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    a careful presentation of symptoms of hysteria this book fulfills


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