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spective of age. A second method gives for a specified disease at

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The same is true for the same test repeated several times on the

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up of applicants for naturally there are a large number of people

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preceded by an anemia if the venules are alone contracted a hot

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Madder disease the pain of the former condition dis

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child. These are the first human objectives of the child s love and

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and the statistics of placenta previa show that frequent manipulation

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under observation. If autopsies can be obtained when such patients

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legislative for. as has been often pointed out good

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the next hour the edema of the lobe began to dimin

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certain grounds the assurance that i ad cases of dij htheria should

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THERE is no greater problem from the standpoint of racial

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not only should the innnediate eifects be noted but also the final

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or fracture through the neck and fracture at the base of the neck.

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In cases that recovered the reflex became positive when the heart

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operative in causing an organic achylia and in which a bad prognosis

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ber of persons insecure in life or the use of prop

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particular age. This method furnishes something like an absolute

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dian Public Health Association Committee on Policy National


problem then becomes one of first selecting the most important

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our patient s circulation or whether the short duration of the

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sternomastoid muscle to its middle. Skin fat and platysma are

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days while the pathetic victims of its malevolence are daily to be

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which the factory was started so in abolishing prostitution. Hor

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Of the 7 cases of this group coming to autopsy the majority showed

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Various acids mitin paste and a considerable number of local

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cases was greatly hastened by transfusion. The same may be said

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considers to be bad ones. He discusses these murmurs

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erosions which are very painful. Congestion and swelling of the

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length the merits of the new treatment. In 1884 four

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did not know the law or were careless in their interpretation.

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urinary tract could be as readily diagnosed by the examination of

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chiefly to Toronto where some 700 cases are reported out of 1 266

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have found difficulty in putting sufficient pressure

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may be prevented. He found that a similar neuritis can be developed

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probation. If her mental condition makes custodial care necessary



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