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In 1911 or thereabouts whilst working at the Khartoum Civil Hospital on

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That attenuated virus therapeutical serum modified tox

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seven months. At the conclusion he laid the following

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fluence of a disturbed condition of the nervous system

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consonant r amp les and dulness is less extensive by

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acute rheumatism several years ago and another last

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best known in this country by his work On Paralysis

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which afterwards result in anchylosis with a perfectly

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deplorable state. She entered the Charity Club Hospi

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plate the same may be said as to the application of

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Captain William R. Ball assistant surgeon with a view of

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had cause to regret the results to mother or child.

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grees of aeverity are found from those light postural

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be out of place. These remarks may be considered in

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ing were that the physician thus contemptuously treated

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attack of the pruritus vulvae peculiar to diabetics

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this Commonwealth. Applicants must give satisfactory proof

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English school of orthopaedics of thirty odd years ago.

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and of cases of tonsillar scarlatina which may be met

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touch. There was a pale yellow tint of the surface

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call with reference to the number of reported cases

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essary in order to furnish a parallel from which I wish to

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diac arrest indicating that digitalis if in sufficient

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insane in order to avoid haring insane persons brought

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eighteen speakers of whom eleven were surgeons and two were physicians.

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August number of the Century Magazine of the present

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The fibres that are shortest are tightest and lightest. Those that are longest

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medullary roots of the ninth vagus vago accessoriDm

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at all events a long period of years may elapse before

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Those of pure cultures of diphtheria bacilli killed

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field of aesthetic and not utilitarian literature he

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serrice March 13 1891 by operation of law of Majob John H.

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diffuse inflammation of the membranes and cortex of

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which arise from the tuberosity of the ischium that

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as he had been invariably correct in previous oases I

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posed it in a certain case of a young girl when the

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stage operation. Latterly I have made use of the urea concentration test of

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purity of lymph but that this procedure is in great

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region and the failure of vision and other intra ocular symptoms not having

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Mr. MALCOLM said that Mr. Paramore had brought forward a definite easily

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PATIENT a female aged 30. The condition was first noticed in September

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concussion in the ordinary surgical acceptation of the

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pus was found. An incision was made with the needle

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it will be well for us to study the phenomena that bring

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these beyond a peradventure must necessarily be de

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clot the size of the end of the thumb protruding from

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there would be some waste every time they are reabsorbed from the bowel.

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Superficial Deposit of Cholesterin in Corneal Scar.

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is no paralysis of motion but he does not articulate

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he fastened the fundus to the anterior wall. The result

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ovum fig. l. In dissecting such a pregnant tube it was moreover always

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nize as characteristic of Pott s disease of the spine.


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