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liahed weekly under the direction of the Editors and an Advisory

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ting committee election of auditing committee action

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of a large jjrobe. The second child aged two weeks had similar

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certain actions. The instincts restlessly and inevitably seeking out

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here and the directions given are explicit and specific. The addition

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other hand in some glands the seat of chronic inflammation we see

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toward those of foreign design. One chapter deals with modern

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sary. The gruels may vary in comi ositit n and in older children

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arrest of the diarrhea after the use of kaolin and charcoal. The kaolin

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of the officials who are authorized to deal with this important and

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tuberculosis. The readiness and rapidity with which these granular

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books or journals. In its present edition the book should continue

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Defective Ocul. r Movements and their Diagnosis. By

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fourth after a like interval. In long standing cases this may be

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in the thighs or proximal portions than in the distal parts. This

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shape are found. Iany solid and barred types while a few have

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tumor of lymphoid elements with the inflammation as a matter

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only two adjacent ertebric are involved though rarely several may

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In order to perfect all necessary arrangements for i

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acids diabetic acidosis is lumped with the others. Standing upon

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with paralysis muscle atrophy and some loss of sensation. The

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A few cases will be cited to illustrate and emphasize points

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just after admission. He has felt feverish and prostrated since the

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diastole with an accentuated second pulmonic sound.

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type perhaps being more often seen. No two charts resemble

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the testicles are enlarged and present a few caseous

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or sessile tumors where infiltration of the base is always present the

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tion buffeting derision that in the fullness of time the true child

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lung tissue. The difficulty of the operation lies mainly in dealing

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evidences of syphilis were present. In addition to other lesions all

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methods and as a frequent result the patient is treated medically

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to visit the contacts in the home and arrange for their examination

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new epidermis is seen covering this scar smoothly from one edge of the


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