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that she was at this time mentally elated rather than

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these experiences raise the suggestion that the sun s

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importance of contagion and susceptibility. Within a

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and a wasted condition which speedily shows a state

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uteri. The study of these cases revealed one impor

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quickest he ever heard of. I gave him half a crown.

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tion was distinctly childish and her attention directed

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taken. Living in accordance with the regimen above

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creased in frequency and duration and have often been

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contagious diseases In public scliools 23 the therapeutic aotTon of

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toms from irritation of the cortex should result from

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cases of this sort in all but a few of which substantial

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early changes can be observed in the spermatozoa similar to the previous one

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bottle was handed to her to place in a medicine cabi

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KiDHBY AjiD TTbbtxs. 10th nth 12th dorsal. The nearer the

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at the evil spirit or disease until it left the patient.

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found that a large part of the organ is thus affected

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and scarlet fever I feel that we must be cautious. It

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plained of by patients with enlarged tonsils is due

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patient looks straight h fore him the lower eyelid is

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ovum Or again the decidua serotina that part of the

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tions of the disease. The causes given in the remain

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would doubtless have enabled this man to keep about

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children no treatment is necessary beyond the furniab

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