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    a few free fat globules and partially digested starch granules and
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    been to furnish some general statistics based on this large number of
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    chronic endarteritis with deep fatty change. The presence of a
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    one half inch in length in tbe fourth intercostal space close to the
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    after the lapse of several weeks following the comj leti n of the
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    test renal meals and test diets could not be applied in these cases.
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    enemata the rectum felt perfectly normal as high as
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    fessor of experimental medicine and director of the
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    secretion of milk was not influenced. In expert hands in maternity
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    for the United States. 6.56 per year for all foreign countries
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    Pontoppidan describes in detail the methods used in
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    vomiting after it nor eructation of gas. lt gt ne month
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    Pouerj for publication and all other communications for the
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    Of the 14 patients who showed progressive improvement fol
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    of the immunity reactions. Colored diagrams accompany the
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    loss must be distributed in all sorts of ways by lowered expendi
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    was 160 mm. of mercury. There was evidence of a moderate
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    A slight excess of toxin produces a local necrosing lesion while a neutral
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    change in the rate of the heart and often in the rhythm following
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    animal extreme hyper excitability of the nerves quite
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    parts of the general education program. The facts of life which
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    method employed applies onl to peripheral aneurysms of moderate
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    method of hemostasis is employed. On the other hand Schepelmann
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    ence of a large foreign population and the signs of an awakened
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    the work as studied in Porto Uico and described in the body of
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    The autopsies and microscopic examination failed to reveal
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    she was advised to go to the hospital. No pulmonary signs were
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    of Venereal Diseases presents the case for self disinfection and
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    Thomas Young aged 17 was charged with having about 11
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    in the Polyclinic Hospital and College for Graduates in Medicine
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    It stained faintly in IxH ffler s but easily with gentian violet and
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    as indicative of the influence of arteriosclerosis upon the kidney.
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    lung tuberculosis has been found to contain Gram staining forms
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    ous affections are depicted in either black and white or color. The


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