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closimr that the length of the test i merely to bring
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excretorj capacity persisting after clinical evidence of cardiac
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contain the typhoid bacilli so that others may not be ill.
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The child can easily learn the essential needs of his body such
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Of these two first cases one was in a young man aged twenty
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particularly emphasizing diseases of the heart in children acidosis
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The Journal trill furnish 100 reprints free if requested in writing.
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will readmit school children will examine three classes for evidence
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ting committee election of auditing committee action
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is delivered from medicines patent and otherwise sham kinds of
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through the vaginal orifice resulted as the prolapse
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of an opiate are its narcotic and analgesic action its effect on the
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existed for a long time. The secondary contracted kidney in its
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crease in dwellings. Housing conditions in the downtown sections
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The Journal will furnish 100 reprints free if requested in writing.
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nent men. and iu particular of Louis XI. and was in
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The spinal nerve roots of all segments stained by the Nissl method
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that a he had no recollection of having written the
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than those in the pars cardiaca or the pars pylorica. A filling defect
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This and the four following papers represent Contributions of
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adhesions and fibrosis of cortical portions of the lung. It may
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into force. By this a widow with dependent children or a mother
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tion was determined before treatment was institnted and several
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A Medical Dictionary for Nurses. By Amy Elizabeth Pope
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was a depression just below the occiput. The trans
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tions is too small to justify any conclusions as to


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