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opening the rectum. The posterior wound was stitched up and the patient

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of the sphincter ani till the fibres of this muscle

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duced. This occurred three different times during the

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how much stronger is xanax than valium

small bowel. It is most desirable that the condition established in successful

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etloeatlon Ingalls E. F. 51 the Army Medical School at Wash

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ninety five feet long and twenty five feet wide. There

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best result if made up as follows after a careful test

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and sure that if our patient survives we shall have

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was referred to in the higheat terms of approbation.

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tendency of the Commission in Lunacy to evolve itself

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headed people in this city to oflfer such a resistance

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The same serves to differentiate it from lupus and moreover the patches of

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Dr. Liston H. Montgomery of Chicago announces that ar

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the danger of introducing infectious material into the

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endeavored by bringing local managers together with

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alkaline amylolytic fluid was being discharged from

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The only treatment prescribed was frequent irrigation by syringing with

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cord. This tumor progressed slowly for two or three

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imperfect therefore recently he had carefully followed the counter drainage plan and

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an extremely unsanitary area including two sub areas

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a reason for increased susceptibility to caries in acute illness a condition that

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valuable and noteworthy features of this contribution

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to twenty drop doses three or four times in twenty

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by an excito secretory centre which is situated in some

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jected to by the friends of the deceased the Physi

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and makes more lasting impressions with the least expenditure of time by

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pensation of many years standing where patients are

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increasing deafness both ears showed red reflex. Tonsils removed without

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The mandible has a bony growth extending below the left lower border

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process of recovery from measles or shingles or even lumbago is just as

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culosis was discovered at the seat of the wound. Later

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the splint antiseptic. In practice the solution of silicate

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process into the chest walls and into the mediastinal

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obtained by counting the same blood first with Grower s

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nuclei had many budding processes and the sarcoplasm

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each of the hundred houses now visited care is taken

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houses boarding houses or hotels unless the case has been

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their migration through the wall of the gut were ap

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spinal support and allowing the patient to run about

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referred that occasionally the cachexia does not seem

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appendages some difficulty being experienced owing to the density of adhesions

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approached the periphery were partially filled with a

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no disease that affected women that should engage the

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If in bis practice he has found the reverse true he

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blindness and malingerers by coloured glasses that led me with Mr. Adams

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mass could be felt both by vaginal and by abdominal

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calculi are of secondary formation made up of mixed

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tice of wise scientific healthful sanitary conditions.

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aoDual report of the truatees of the Perkins Institute

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marital quarantine was as necessary as a quarantine

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after abdominal operations in which portions of the omentum had been

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ments of the alimentary canal and of nutrition which

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the encouragement of science from the British Royal Society.

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open I felt the snow sift in upon my face during the

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formidable antagonist during full term labour it intensifies the head moulding


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