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opinion of the board of health in the city or town in which
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J have known several consumptives to regain health to
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these tumors as a rule cause comparatively little in
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many cases of so called haemorrhoids or piles the vas
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with the experimental results obtained by Rose Bradford.
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text book of midwifery says that salivation is mostly
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produced by a fall 109 three cases of occlusion of tbe superior
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telligence and scientific culture and research. They
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of tuberculosis there. This incidence is scarcely shadowed by the municipal
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able how comparatively slight peripheral irritation
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cysts may vary in size from that of a pea to that of
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the miracle of the liquefaction of St. Januarius blood finally the thought
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ing it with the post nasal forceps even in exercising
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place in forty eight hours from the shock of opening a
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Milwaukee 2 each Cleveland and Pittsburg 1 each. From
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coitus has been described by John Hunter. During the sexual act the semen
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itself it must be caused by some obstruction within
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gentle splint into as good a position as we can while
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an important one that it had been decided to continue
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medium favourable to the life of the spermatozoon but beyond this scarcely
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that point out for I meant to have laid stress on the
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heading of The Increasing Prevalence of the Itch the
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will check the increase of this formidable affection
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Examination of child shows marked wasting of right thenar eminence with
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Ambard has attempted to draw a very sharp distinction between dropsical
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Flows three to four days. Uses five to six napkins.
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dominal wall. In the left lateral cnl de sac was fonnd
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These Osone preparations and machines are referred to In the following
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infiltrated they consider strong evidence that the growth was primarily
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cultures of all the Klebs Loffler bacilli were obtained
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a repetition of the dilating without or with the ganze
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diminish and in time entirely disappear. If this is not
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chusetts Medico Legal Society 390 New York Academy of Madl
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direct revolution in our ideas of the nature of cholers
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Cabot A. T. The change of a maliguant tumor into a sclrrbous
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astonished to see us get up from the table and leave
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office floor adjacent to the registration room where members
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used instead of quoting further the dry technique for
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peritoneal cavity which would result in the majority of
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friends and her condition was very much better than
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following numbers of cases of acute infectious disease
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efforts be pushed the tent through the already softened
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to disturbance in nutrition in fat people and it should
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M great in those pseudo membraootM iuflammatioDs of
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Esan P. R. Suiclilal gunshot wound of the abdomen faecal fistula
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