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were from various causes chiefly from tumor albus a

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agent of this class but while serviceable in simple

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On the cessation of active operations in 1918 19 a period of reconstruction

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attention to a careful consideration of the size of the

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present. Aspiration having failed it was decided to

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accident or Providence of which I can form a concep

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limitations intercollegiate contests ought to be abol

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some pathol lt cal conditions of the heart and their relation to

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sort that medical measures should be the first recourse

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On examination much thickening of the mandible was found extending from

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at a considerably reduced rate of Subscription f amp oo per Annua

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lD an. The supervision of the insane in New York 195.

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success in open warfare depended more on efficient traffic and march discipline

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of my experience in connexion with the method over some three years. I

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the human body is thus affected by chemio physical conditions around it

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following numbers of cases of acute infectious diseases

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an acute and sudden crisis characterized by dyspnosa and pain in the chest.

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behind the soft palate out of the mouth. The patient

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Or by renal function tests. No ketonuria was demonstrated. The systolic blood

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A breath of spring is in this winter morning but its

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three to four days since that time. The week before

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changed condition will be a weighty factor in making up

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referred the milder cases of phoephataria really is

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examination of the urine large quantities of cystin plates were observed and

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side. On the inner surface of the dura on the right

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been obtained has introduced entirely new views as to

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There was rarely any evidence of the source from which the clots were

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