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and has been condemned by the Paris Obstetrical and

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Of these 53 patients 9 were found to be suffering from

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and navy in the work of hischosen profession in literature

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corrosive sublimate is not su Scient to kill the bacilli.

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canal itself especially as that extremity is often constricted in diameter.

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of Minkowski. In his first memoir be proves that dia

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Studier ofver Transitorisk Albumlnuri Hos Till Utseendet

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liquefy serum or gelatine. On serum it induced a narrow.one of black discoloration

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examination in the Feabody School of that city of the

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done with good effect on the opposite side of the head.

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Before giving the figures which I have found in answer to my inquiries

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aided by manual pressure on the abdomen. On vesical lavage as much as

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which the clavicle and four of the ribs were broken.

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the cells belonging to each are spread over a consider

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the blame for caries on the large carbohydrate intake in children and perhaps

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is a small area of dulness and a sense of resistance

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process of ovulation it was not to be wondered at tbat

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in iheir new position. In the present case pregnancy

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muscles and soft parts have been very much atrophied

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driven into disuse by intubation in relieving the ob

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of chloride of iron. If the albuminuria is attended

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The Pre pubertal Disappearance op the Leydig Cells.

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ecope constantly fixed upon her abdomen in order to perceive

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Mr. MAYOU said he had specimens which supported Miss Mann s observations

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there is slight improvement but the pollution rapidly

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Interpretation is sometimes a matter of provisional


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