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In the course of some investigations into the pathol

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As to the principle of making the patient concentrate his efforts on walking

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with unnecessary tension and in addition it might be

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The involvement of the nystagmus producing fibres from the opposite

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so that if there had been any question of pregnancy

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headdreuedtotheKditcrqfthe Boeton Medical and Snrgieal Journal

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more completely pushing upwards the outer part of the peritoneum and

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tion in the right pleural cavity was reddish yellow and

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the removal of the uierus appeared greater than the

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appreciate this was to divert his attention from the advanced anatomy and physiology

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lieved that eyphilis was an innocent disease in the fe

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he did not think there was any necessary connection

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stone to the position of interne in the hospitals. Here a

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abnormality save a high amount of indican on each occasion of examination.

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for it is hinted that the medical departments of two

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which now constitutes a part of the general plan as

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conditions as stated above the osmotic pressure falls very much below this

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child was alive and where the mother refused to have

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best and only chance of relief and restoration to health.

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that the peri ureteral lymphatics are crowded with organisms. A large

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continued straining merge into a regular inflammation.

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one of the chordae tendinea in its passage through the heart. The section

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the right side where there was also some rise of tem

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at an approximately equal concentration throughout the fluid content of the

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pressure on these bodies that it had to be abandoned.

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of the disease have occurred in the military hospital out

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in bed with little discomfort would render diathermy a formidable rival to the

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past six years the patient has been confined to the

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without operation he did not hesitate. The first case

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duration. Big healthy looking man with painful injected right eye no trace

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of the public funds appears all the more indefensiV le

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sanitary officials for reference as well as to general

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benefited by antisyphilitic remedies. He cites a case

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and had existed until the time of operation which was

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membrane was distinct around the karyosome and what possibly was the

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laceration being followed by extravasation of blood between chorion and tube

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below. The slightest damage to the kidney upsets the safety valve action and

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these physiological conditions we must liear in mind

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deviation away from the lesion is the rule in case of

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out badly that an equal number will toe in with one

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depend on the action of secondary products and not immediately on the effects

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unknown have been proved to possess most important functions in the

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of the effect of the pressure at the part selected ought

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presence was the blank if benevolent perplexity with

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less chance of death during the operation if the dorsal

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was a small one. Tatt states that if it is between the

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ration sets in often followed by an enormous destruction

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liar class of cases affecting the spine it is noticeable I

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speaking a nation just born contain as many of these

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first and foremost on the fact that the pigment which

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from the melted samples in some cases smelt badly in

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meal and with only a slightly colored serous discharge.

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cytes. At this level there lies immediately against the eroded cement a layer

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