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soon as a bougie could be passed through the stricture
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the cast can be stiffened first and so made to resist contraction perfectly
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etc. and very soon the death rate was diminished in
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could have been effected by the insertion of sutures they were therefore
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day and twice during the night the prone position helping to empty the
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presence of other bacteria in association with the diph
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words outside of the regular tabulated results may not
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Cullen s needle. The isthmus was cut across between the ligatures and there
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has been noticed by only a few authors notably Fritsch.
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great after the birth of the child which speedily fol
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organic derivative of arsenic pentoxide. It has bow
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In certain diseases such as dystrophies chronic ante
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For the employment of force in those operations the
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auricle and in this and extending into the auricle was a
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tion and in hard infiltrations to scarify or intro
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uniform stimulations of the depressor brachial and sciatic nerves at various
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atrophic changes of the tubules and the interstitial cells similar to those
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covered they were most usually in the internal or external iliac veins.
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be addreeied to the Xditorqfthe BoetcnMedieal and Swgioal Journal
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jerks are much exaggerated while in another they are
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with gonorrhoea and carefully examining the pus. Ex
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an increase of the deformity and osseous change is to
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THE LANCET founded in 1823 is the original and leadiag
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tion instead of speculation. It was this that gave to
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An increase of the superincumbent weight beyond the
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index of refraction as the liquid itself. If this were
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the greatest care the results of both of which were
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other words the peritoneum is flushed out with water
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rhage and above it were evidences of a gliomatous in
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would wish. For some time I relied on the clinical manifestations alone and
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the inferior vena cava and to the left iliac vessels and
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appearance due to the presence of small vesicular look
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was fatal apart from the mortality of the injury preced
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at the bedside. The blank is similar to the one in use
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limited in extent free from deep adhesions and infil
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tubercular bacilli in persons who have shown no symp
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that the vasomotor mechanism responds to stimulation when shock is fully
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prevents discussion of these causes except for calling attention to the question
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tal canal was bathed after the birth of the child by
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lives and dies among his congeners. I have shown also a
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Tbe mortality is about one per cent in oases operated
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pelvis was cleaned as carefully as possible by the use
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rupture but those of high fever from the beginning of
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ment proceeds not bv leaps and bounds but slowly out
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to be submucous and was best felt by rectal examination. The whole mass
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tion and also because 1 have found the results unreliable.
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pital I have bad collected every case that has been
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It is well known that cryptorchids have sexual desire and that ligature of
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From measles New York 24 Brooklyn 7 Philadelphia and
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accompanied by an increase in the proportion of the total non protein nitrogen
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starvation will tend to produce a condition of acidosis by lessening the alkali
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be permissible to call dementia presenilis occurred the testes were greatly
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line 1. From cerebro spinal meningitis New York 8 Cleveland
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was slightly distended and in the left lumbar and iliac
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powerful factor in the production of degeneration had
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Surgeon in May 1861. At the battle of Antietam while
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condition that the term phosphaturia is so often used.
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life and environment during childhood and boyhood and especially as the results of
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widely and wisely weighed. Maternal and foetal disproportion may never recur
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eral symptoms and the fact that the projection will
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