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as many of the cow boys and other residents of this
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r gt iai the standpoint of the operating surgeon a hy
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caffeine alterations of position and artificial respir
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which the light impinges upon the eye 4 pathological retinal and nerve
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shows itself in the red and puffed state of the men s
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the tax payers from 5 000 to 7 000 a year while the
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Island where he is one of the attending accoucheurs.
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In these cases of acute secondary glaucoma with an intra ocular tumour
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parts abont the abscess were irrigated freely with per
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determined age which apparently varies greatly in different individuals the
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eoold have come is a question of importance. I will
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hut equal pupils. No optic neuritis. On opening the mastoid process it was
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conditions of exhaustion but exhaustion of the vasomotor system is inextri
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no doubt of the value of hysterectomy whereas if the
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diagnosed from other causes of pain that should not be eased e.g. pressure
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ficial dwarfing and one of the most efficacious recipes according to report
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until marked relief was afforded by injections of iodo
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ribs so far that it was impossible to get the gall blad
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to medical practitioners as clinical opprobria the num
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good results apparently it is interesting to note that
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had been rapid wasting. The periods had been regular and not excessive
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however reports the autopsy of a child where pulmo
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bility of the spine and the contraction of the limb
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cases of diphtheria but I meet cases in which at the
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treatment of the several topics of argument and debate.
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sistant surgeon to be the date of discharge or mnster out of
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thing. All through that night the one who later had the
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ination as when the patient is told to bend forward
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may here as in so many other cases be merely a mssk
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All letters containing btuinest communications or referring to the
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undoubted presence in these cases does not support Fuchs view that plastic
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is attributable that the recommendations of differ
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tion of the urethra to its normal size and the most
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the following September without a brace but wearing
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Association of Great Britain and Ireland Member of the Medico
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stained it shows a series of clear spaces along with in
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The personal supervision and instruction from the pro
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were present especially in connection with malignant
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sions or they fail of execution it is not diflScuh for us
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and museum and the final banquet in the great court
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house districts in the thickly populated portions of the
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These spores infect other cells and are transported
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usually followed by permanent recovery in fact recur
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as to how ergot acts in these cases. He simply gave it
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question is properly before us in which the symptoms
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noticed an excavating ulcer on the penis. Wassermann reaction negative.
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one years. He was a member of the Academy of Medicine and
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pertinent question whether this peculiar condition is
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of the remainder of his estate a trnst for Yale Univei
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grams were brought back into the field of consciousness perhaps by virtue of
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worse for the omission and probably benefited thereby.
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think there is certainly a fair chance that adenoids
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most authorities seem to be agreed chat a condition
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