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from censure knowing well that the majority of physi
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anything more than vague discomfort in the right side of his abdomen. Although
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person previously regular often with a slight persistent
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enlarged tonsils. The patient suffering from post nasal tumour lived for
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appears to be an equally bipartite instead of as normally an unequally
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attack came on twelve days after the third. The fifth
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Rafaela making traction on it once it was well fixed with force
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gut softened in hot water till they cease to twist.
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of indigo carmine within seven minutes after an intravenous injection of the
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more quickly than it enters. That the mechanism is highly efficient in the
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Like all cold abscesses there are four methods of treat
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Post Graduate Medical School and Hospital etc. Containing
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the bones. It is probable also that faulty attitudes
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each epidemic but no details of these cases are given.
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for example cellulitis metritis and injuries to the
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In one experiment of this nature which I performed I obtained an
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shelters under Caesarean section. A whole hearted faith resolutely seeks and
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may cause an increase in the virulence of the bacilli.
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specimen. Histologically both of the growths are columnar celled carcinomata.
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Pericarditis 4 endocarditis 2 ehronio valvular disease 34 hyper
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bearing of the foregoing observations must be deter
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In considering the more detailed influence of the kidney threshold in
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ism which leads to an undue elimination of phosphorus.
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tions of the thyroid gland and certain disturbances of
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ployed it in all cases of facial or simple cutaneous
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the first attempt at expression the placenta was forcibly
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The next class of diseases of the joints that we shall
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ing to dilate a stricture from the interior of the vucus.
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cretinism and the so called foetal rickets is now in
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The proper care of the teeth of school children is re
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readers to its errors. Since the appearance of Nothna
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York County Medical Association held February 19th
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four out of one hundred and fifty nine or thirty four
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treatment from the systematic application of cold and
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nation of water air food and clothing from the sani
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Case of Bilateral Enlargement of the Lacrymal Glands.
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upon me and told me an entirely different story about
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In practice whether debated accepted or declined on any of its attributes
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tional to apply the electricity as near the seat of dis
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sizes and adjustable lengths are sold by the depots old rubber pumice and
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Bartholomew s Out patients Department on August 6 1921 the following
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amount of urine and blood can be removed by precipitation with zinc chloride.
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oiated with the 10th dorsal. The lower the lesion in the ureter
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of a severe pain in the right side of the head which
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action and being variable according to surface area the same rubber will
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Ears General mastoid tenderness on left side offensive discharge from both ears.
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How many diseases are preventable by absolute cleanli
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with griping apparently due to gross indiscretion in
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tion excepting in the very last stages of the disease
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puerperal infection the organisms streaming back from the surface to the
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tion. Fever may be increased by an excitement which
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and is almost always attended with pain and paraes
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oil and the letherial tincture of capsicum is an old
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an anaesthetic and in the severest cases osteotomy is
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mandible and besides that there had been a good deal of haemorrhage.
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life though there might also be day dreams and that this alternation might
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ranging from 810 to 13 000 per cubic centimetre. In


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