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at Hamburg last summer has been ordered to the same

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eral meeting the twelve smaller halls for Section work. The

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tract extending from the lower border of the sphincter

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Resolved That these resolutions be entered upon the

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resemblance to the nervous symptoms of the first stage

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pathic cervical aneurism and in circumscribed traumatic

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intima of the artery was seen and adherent to this was a

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Since he has been following this plan of treatment in typhoid

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business of which shall be the collection of all sanitary

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hospital and some weeks later had hoarseness and on

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heavier cases. I do not quitb agree with Dr. Newell

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given a laxative and if there was a suspicion of renal

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ture room and the rest of the building has been fitted

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repressing agent into an unconscious and the holding of them there by a

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these latter symptoms were absent both in Dr. Richard

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peral infection. Dr. Harrison said he alao differed

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tary and Health Officers Practitioners and Students

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and reflex tending to quiet a disturbed vascular excite

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British Guiana is probably unique in the difficulty of its sanitary problems

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attributed the usual harmlessness of non antiseptic

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rcit he does not expect ever to be able to avoid fatal

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One specimen showed imperfectly developed tubules similar to but not identical with

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Case of Bilateral Enlargement of the Lacrymal Glands.

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not affected. There was no source of primary infec

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to my surprise as I could see no sufficient reason for his

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to prevent overcrowding and the necessity of separat

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in the folds of the broad ligament it is now agreed

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SUBSCumoil Tamils 98.00 jxr tear i advance pottage paid

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measurements of the chest owing to its expansibility. If therefore we adopt

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While the unification of the University and the establish

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ure at least affecting the nucleus on either side alone.

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the incision. This patient made a long and slow re

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was one of the objects which I had in mind in writing

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emaciated. The abdomen is occupied by a large tumor

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rose again at a later time. A small part of this in

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patient showed us the portion of the catheter which

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slight or superficial when the suture is already at

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been no very great pain. No resistance could be felt

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by clinical observation and by experiments that visceral

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food having had a very small appetite and hsid kept

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in the practice of oor profession. When all that was

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the risk of syphilis in early life and of cancer in

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occasionally resulted. I can certainly produce cases operated on three and four

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stasis the blood backing up in the right side of the

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in the hands of subsequent experimenters the results

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are valium narcotic

spine are to be avoided and those which tend to in

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in a kidney already damaged this may lower it below the level compatible

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occurred at the Charity Club Hospital after the re

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sick the time above all others when the brush is most

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may be partly or wholly transformed into a cyst. All

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Douglas. The stump was fastened in the angle of the

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there is no implication of the lutnbo sacral miucle.

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man s explanation of the wound was that the horse s

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thickening and of catarrhal inflammation was found.

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the young persons the only positive effect of the thy

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Stilton Roquefort and Camembert cheese. It is to be

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toms of the cases described by Gull and certain cases

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influence and we should expect he would receive doe


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