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    tions. In no case did one of the inoculated children develop mumps
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    During August 1914 I compressed both common carotids in 2
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    in rural section the constables are apt to be old men. A
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    may be represented chiefly however of the spore bearing type.
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    tion is in knowledge. It is impossible to shield the young mind
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    pregnant. So far I have treated but one case under the new regime.
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    and poisoning with a variety of substances exhibits
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    Cancer of the pars media may result in an hour glass deformity.
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    obliquely downward and to the right to a point just below the
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    showed staphylococcus aureus. B. xerosis and a rare
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    cent. A mistaken diagnosis from blood findings alone could easily
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    should be reexamined at short intervals until a decision is reached.
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    opment of scar tissue in the renal structures goes hand in hand
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    Subscription Terms 5.00 per year in advance postage paid
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    mortality is based on the number of persons living at a correspond
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    injections that the duration of the immunity in at least 90 per cent.
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    Outline for Out Patient Work at the Massachusetts State Hospitals.
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    ly however has much attention been given to the child s mind.
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