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understood explanation of an admittedly difficult question and had argued his point

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upon the patient s self control. It is better in some

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Dr. LEONARD WILLIAMS said that he had been asked to contribute something from

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ing gt and viscid contents a normal condition in the

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interval operation for appendicitis or operations for piles. Moreover they

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bilities rather than flutter about from test to test without really ascertaining

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generally believed to exist after these operations

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above arguments. There is nothing unlikely in the view that these peri

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six children out of fifty nine in a village where there

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mentary cusp 2 those having the supplementary cusp slightly marked

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duced by an uncomplicated pregnancy upon the mater

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cachetic. The radial and temporal arteries were ather

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Following this the attention should be given to pre

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orrhagic pancreatitis. It is very rarely associated

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aod told as that infection was not there. After a while

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dysmenorrhcea. She was curetted in 1918 with only slight improvement

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instances to the contrary in pregnancy were really cases of nephritis. Recently

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tant factors in causing the prevalence of the disease.

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The two principal ways of controlling the three bearer divisions were

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Thus we see that even in health acids either formed endogenously within

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plete the social gathering. In this author s last hook

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respecu were most satisfactory. He would agree most

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condition under which the colon bacillus will escape

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To render visible the germs it would be necessary to

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ing symptoms in spite of the enormity of the effusion.

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oedema of the legs feet objectively very cold. Novem

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the epiglottis. Subsequently to this the nose is re

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pylorus ia the proper portion of tbe inteatine to ap

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is not the correct one and second because its effect is

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ear and radiates upward and backward to the vertex.

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in the cervical region and the pain sense is preserved

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prostate and vesicles the breeding power was impaired. The experimental

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as if the theory were certainly at fault in this case.

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work the consideration of vitamin deficiencies in the diet as an etiological

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although the temperature may be 20 C. or more. They then become gradually

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carried out with greater precision and the patients will receive better post

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the extra burden thrown by pregnancy upon a weakened

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Sound collectors tubes and trumpets can only be varied in wave form but

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In a bent tube containing broth with one quarter per

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nerve stretching has once for all received its con

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bed will suffice to overcome all the active inflammatory

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gerath formerly of New York that the profession was

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The Spring Session consists of daily recitations clinical lectures and

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graft will become gradually absorbed and finally give the appearance of being

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the sciatic have presented for twenty or thirty days a

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Where possible the villa system using for this purpose several ordinary

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the subject w.ould not be of general interest. As may

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suddenly learned one day that his only son had by one

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The treatment consisted in massage and electricity.

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emotional forces and psychical failure and degrada

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room across ijie hall from the autopsy room. As a lecturer

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With regard to the word idiopathic as applied to the

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amount of insanity increasing the capacity of the workers and contributing

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friend. Ue was prominent in our charitable work and

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The speaker said he had only seen five cases of club


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