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been tried in vain a novel operation was undertaken

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the neuroglia a thickening of their ramifications an

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Jackson Stille and Shattuck in this country. He fol

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confirmed on many subsequent occasions may bo summarized as follows

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mass. On drawing this up to the incision the rupture

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activity there is a reappearance of the interstitial cells.

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the catheter that rested in his bladder. This he de

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foetus presumably dead about forty eight hours with a

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is active destruction of enamel the alkaline index was higher in children than

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similar provision prevails though the ability to re

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hernia the size of a hen s egg situated over region of

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This is not very different from applying his leverage

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which there is a considerable retardation of circu

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abscess removal of appendix which had become almost

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Paris gives the following prescription for cystitis

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the most useful public health bodies which the country

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manipulation which otherwise would very likely cause extension of infection.

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face cyanosed and her pulse indistinguishable. Bub

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by three factors the amount produced the rate of excretion and the total

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based on the investigation of these cases. When the renal condition was

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and de Wesselow. Both functions are of course frequently involved simul

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to the Society in a war which it is hoped may prove of

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severe post partem haemorrhage one had a very diffi

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opening which persisted until the patient s death gt

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pendix presented normal or even substantially normal

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had closed entirely that she was in perfect health and able to

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upon the therapeutic test of the nature of the affection

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duces 00 improvement but rather aggravates the pain

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mer and fall and the results were as varied as possible.

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day intermittent fever is heard of chiefly in their newer

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until eleven months after the accident and at least

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one last week in which apparently after one of these

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cause a diuresis and so upset the result. The urea concentration factor is

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next ten days slight dyspnoea and palpitation on exer

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tlie action of the secretory organs from acrid sub

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of attachment of the muscle of the oral sucker to the cuticle.

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apart from the facts and the facts are of such great

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sions or they fail of execution it is not diflScuh for us

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surgical interference in pulmonary cavities that the

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fourteen years severe pain from August 1920 till enucleation for absolute

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observers. I believe that tests which give estimates of the normal excretions

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inson of Danville Va. reported two gunshot wounds of

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hospitals have been closed. A satisfactory solution

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tending staff and again retired from it in December 1887.

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the urinary tract. It might also explain those extraordinary instances in

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be true because the interpretations had come from themselves. I have asked

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preliminary examination and the gross appearances he

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favorable action on pruritus but must be used in its

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The following figures will appear rather startling with reference to illegiti

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to the office of coroner and that if the inquiry is conducted

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IS broken needle from the heel of a young lady aged

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Professor Ramsden from the Bio Chemical Department has very kindly


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