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died in forty eight hours with the pathological lesions

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operation day and night in order to dispose of the re

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to the nse of water contaminated by previoas cases.

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In the chapter on air we find no mention of the ex

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tions and is easily recognized by its physical signs. There are however many

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stance of the spleen and which were sharply differenti

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leprosy has been crushed ont by exclusion and although

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Sterne the doctor had little that was picturesque or

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hear Dr. Vickery s paper. The subject is one in which

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the bone and a flap detached with the periosteal ele

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dium for the transmission of the infection of typhoid

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chusetts Medico Legal Society 390 New York Academy of Madl

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requirements of the civil population might also be met.

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as deduced from the Registration Reports of England

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point they are wofully in error. Estheticism and car

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tests taken under considerable difficulties on account of the patient s condition

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tory incision whether the tumor is really a fibroid

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cal rays are unfavorably affected by them and among

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order to keep in touch with the needs of the constantly changing situation.

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it. The missing word was aliquis. By the method of free association he

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This post mortem evidence showing that the path of infection was through

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Every illustration has its history and description and almost every one the

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how long it was. It was not more than three minutes

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and fonnd him with severe pain in the cardiac region

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four days over her time October 10th was taken with

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resection. He considers it more expeditious and doubt

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which is so distressing both to the patient and her

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eructations of gas. By the stethoscope no intestinal

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Make a Correct Diagnosis. A correct diagnosis form

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due to any other cause and Frerichs adds that while

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Organisms. From human sources definitely arthritic causing arthritis in

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He has written many valuable editorials and other medi

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is to be expected in accordance with this hypothesis.

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eoDtcioDsness the man was chary and contemptuous of

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feared that the most serious consequences will ensue.

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no trouble. The wound healed rapidly leaving a fis

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constitutions of animals in different climates is not

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following officers for 1894 were elected President

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the first place the scarlet fever and diphtheria wards

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before he is out of college he is in a poeition both

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pupils were ill. Upon inquiry among the evangelical

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tion and that a considerable proportion of these have con

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notice that there is no rigidity about the jaw this

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basal gangltpn especally posteriorly and projecting

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the difficulties of making satisfactory dissection of that region in the human

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WILLIAM WOOD amp COMPANY Publishers 43 to 47 E. 10th Street New York.

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struggling for air usually a slower and labored respi

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ship of the chorda tympani and Arnold s nerve would nearly coincide with


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