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examining a dog for soundness to examine digitally per rectum nor indeed

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gests that a quantitative analysis of each arsenical

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here that our patient was extremely hyperaesthetic.

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the life of the patient to the unnecessary risks of

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the uterus ovaries tubes and anterior wall of the rec

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these cases afterwards relapsed and not all the more

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stretch sufficiently to let a knuckle of gut fall between

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almost outside the vulva but the case went on to full

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quence of a feeling of distention in the abdomen and

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in the hands of subsequent experimenters the results

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treatment for this variety of haemorrhage because sufficient time has not yet

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How little the ordinary wife and mother even in these

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Time for recreation of the physical strengthening sort

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bowel which as Professor Dudgeon had pointed out might exist without any

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Feer 20 reports five cases in children in which the

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standard conditions subsequent to intraperitoneal introduction of a sealed thin glass

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fication otherwise it would be an almost imperative

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glands are all characterized by a tendency to casea

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the BritUh Medical Joumcd the St. P ter burger metU

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nancy has been serious the probable fate of the latter

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the kidneys and bowels. The literature of the subject

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a little swelling and then the quantity is increased

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a repetition of the dilating without or with the ganze

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cape of any urine at all and that the specimen examined

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contained in Dr. Bell s book will have the effect of fright

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laborers who sit down to their dinner pails without a

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Dr. Otis K. Newell The Intermittent Rapid DilaUtion of

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theold tissues of the part. It is thus a reversion t

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with symptoms of shock or with any shock like state.

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Haff kine s method of Inoculation against cholera 623.

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treated of the prostate gland is just as directly affected

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in addition to the skin over the breast a circular mar

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Warren decided not to attempt closure of the fistula

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to ureteric catheter specimens are worth the trouble as they are bound to

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ring pessaries and as their principle seemed to me to

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deformities of difficulties of diagnosis by X rays

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method the case should be correctly packed before going into the vulcanizer.

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of the volume has been much increased by its revision

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the backward flexibility of the spine. Many of these

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ddent to gas pipe drain pipe and electric railway coa

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Five days after the delivery of Case L another woman

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beneficial to them hygiene re infection and of price

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opening the size of a pin s head. The right tube and

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that the operator and everything that came in contact

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tympanites never a death. He believed that with these prepara

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sis the best line of treatment and points of theoretical

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between a common sensation and a special sensation.

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the distinction of the primary muscular dystrophies

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be erected like certain apartment houses which I have

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matory irritation such as extravasated blood cannot

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emaciated. The abdomen is occupied by a large tumor

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bock and others. Theoriginof the tibro blasts which

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superficial tendons were cut and in which operation

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stomach passed through the artificial opening destroyed all

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