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possibly the nature of the organisms present. It appears that certain teeth

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Remarks on the Comparative Effects immediate and remote

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large and the material ia well worked up from every point

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whereas the optic nerve and its expansion theretena

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heart in which the increase of compensation is neces

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from a laminectomy to relieve pressure of an exudation

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Francis Himot Wsij gt M.D. died in Jamaica Plain Decem

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joint. The procedure described by Hoke is I am sure unnecessarily com

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in which the Klebs LSffler was found died while all

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A turn of the drawer knob unlocks the rod and as it is

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cern for the prospects of immature foetuses. The his

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of scattered infection in other New England places.

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that of Yeuini which is a modification of the former.

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pregnancy caused a temporary diminution of the sugar tolerance. He was much

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istration of oil of turpentine which produced violent

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European Becovery is the exception. I think we can safely say that the

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it might give rise to fresh cases. I do not know that

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practically no obstruction to the exit of menstrual

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that it is in the tube or leading from the tube. I throw

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they are obliged to look upon foot ball as upon sny

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yet their strncture does not necessarily change to that

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Transactions of the American Orthopedic Amoclation Seventb

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the lens and detachment of the choroid and discussed the effect of such

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was manifest on bowels and obstruction of button by

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factors of loss of power and impairment of the sense of touch.

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ment means treatment carried out by operators with less experience and skill

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be done but it seems to me that until we have fewer

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supported by the investigation of cases other than those mentioned that all

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only in one function. Therefore it seems to me that

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Professor Kelsey has been admirably described by Dr.

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can in connection with the fetid discharge simulate

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sis is considered but little new light is thrown on the

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aedema shoold have failed to renew the intereat in the

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tissue to be nourished indirectly by anastomosis. In

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When the paralysis is general its course is slow last

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And as one of us several years before had investigated the frontal air

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limitation to the parts exposed to the sun no intestinal or nervous symptoms.

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ODghly has public attention been aroused by the de

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January 6th the death rate was 22.8. Deaths reported 4 567

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Later in the evening the relatives of the girl called

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arsenical papers may at timet be due to the inhalation

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further causes of shock including pain to keep the respiration going to supply

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immediately by the same observer a difference rang

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Aural Exostosis Second removed from the same Meatus

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Dercnm F. X. The therapeutics of inteotlous processes of the

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Scylla and Charybdis and discovered no greater dangeis

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stretcher. A greaser went to his home at Shields from Plymouth and another

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Decennial Revision of the United States Pharmacopoeia. With

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cystitis. Clinically the renal function was bad. Owing to sudden retention the usual

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cised but new bone was thrown out very soon and the

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servatism when the danger to the mother is so great

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stances all measures whether under the guise of char


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