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theria exists from those in which no diphtheria exists.

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these remedies are better antiseptics than those which

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law than in the violation of the voice of civil authority

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and affording protection reckoned even by billions is

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would seem that the result is in general more favora

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and without desiring to depreciate the march of prog

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be permissible to call dementia presenilis occurred the testes were greatly

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own discovery and so takes pleasure in removing all

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It is a truiem that the mind reqaires for the proper

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importance of establishing such thorough and complete

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that the motor cortex internal capsule crura cerebri

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to close it are apt to bleed. The best method of intra

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think fragments of cytoplasm of tissue cells but there are bodies in leishmaniasis

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great trochauter in order to secure free drainage in

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of substance the ease of replacing the flap which was

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The study of the cases from the clinical and anatom

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their fulfilment. Upon this vigorous basis rests the De

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eighths of an inch apart. Several of the skulls show

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report of his cases especially the one in which after

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the same action on these ganglia as does the section at

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blood urea the urea concentration test and the determination of the blood

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these two cases before operation was undertaken. But the other three had

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elements present which were likely to produce serious

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body any diminution of its quantity gives rise to an

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will last for one or several years and it is unlikely

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removing all of these tubercular products. In suitable

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portions and each uterine artery is controlled by a

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ties deteriorate just as in the epilepsy of earlier life

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fourth day he believed it tu be of value but he would

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the lesion to the fourth ventricle in some way acted

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ease which has recently died from lung complications.

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gan Cartledge of Louisville in which he reported six

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The National Committee for Mental Hygiene she considered in valuable in initiating

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to the cholera hospital iu spite of his protestations

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two be has completed the examination and there is no

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also clearly defined. It is not at all likely that these

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the early age of the child it is not at all probable that

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action of the medicine or to the patient s mental status

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membrane were in close contact and therefore the area denuded was repre

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bard to explain. As far as the attacks of blindness

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and I operated to save her life. I was able to remove

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in this situation being strongly reminiscent of the similar section prepared from

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and yet sufBciently neat in jippearanoe so that patients

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brought to bear the following clauses are proposed

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When a healthy man is suddenly thrown into a condition of profound

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of entry into the State and such other places as would

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abdominal pain and the patient may not complain of it unless directly

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stomach is excessive it is well to give the hot al

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as possible transfixing the veins which ramify in the

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in the treatment of myxoedematons patients and which

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pain nor tenderness present at any time in swelling.

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rhoea and reflex fuuctional disorders. To attempt to

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a solid foundation for the rational treatment of spinal curvatures but as a


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