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mandible extending from the symphysis menti to the deciduous canine 3 cm.

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mal. The heart was empty its right side was flabby

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structive reading. The illustrations are not quite up

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Dk. Harrison said that he wished to go on record as

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of foul pus. One day later a second fluctuating area

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infants 473 MarlnesanttXtsordnung 473 Martin. essentials of

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are scattered foci of consolidation varying in size from

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a doctrine. If a man goes for months and years with a

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and all sorts of so called medical testimony and yet

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demands that the bulbar and spinal fibres be equally

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ence however suggests that when there is no evidence of systemic infection

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npon his left foot his right foot crossing his left and

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useful if the length of the school year were stated as well

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as occur in our large manufacturing towns and mining districts.

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was pericarditis double pleurisy and metastatic foci in

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hospital this year. As is well known the pain of ap

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color. The bile duct was not occluded at the autopsy.

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extra uterine pregnancy. As the immediate condition

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the cases we used to call htematocele the haemorrhage

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operation to the third day the administration of food

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ulcers by the other infections. They had the typical

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out a struggle genial and social till the last just as bia

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was palpable everywhere with a very slight movement

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entirely with conditions prevailing on the Western Front where the maximum frontage

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with three silk sutures leaving some of the perinephri

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Case of Multiple Dentigerous Cysts in the Mandible and some Remarks

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of the struggling person was compressed by a girdle

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of these conditions is insuperable and when recognized can usually be dealt

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statistic of 384 conservatively treated cases in all

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Materia Hedica and Botany in the Philadelphia College of

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be cut off without apparent cause and they will slough.

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rent is only a relative one and cannot be determined

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nent and especially where there is reason to believe in

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they may be opened with a fine knife and when large

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usually being derived entirely from memory no care

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sigmoid within this same time limit I believe colectomy is never indicated.

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of the General Medical Council published elsewhere

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The abdominal cavity was reached with some difficulty

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tion of the pericardium is very dense and the fibrin is

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right side than on the left. Otherwise everything ap

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twenty five to ninety assistant surgeons by action of

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any decision as to their value in indicating renal efficiency.

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thus molested as even the wantonly malicious seem to

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in spite of the plainest prognosis to the contrary. In

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of general infection we get pure cultures of the bacillus

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Icbtbyol. A note on the use of ichthyol Sinclair 140 141.

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that the kidney remained passive and unchanged. Now it is realized that in

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at least five years practice to be eligible to such appoint

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the treatment of scoliosis except in so far as they may


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