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is to day. They were taken by surprise at that savage
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Professor MacLean presents a urea concentration factor obtained by
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tration and the other for the State ownership of vac
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tage. In either of these ways the primary growth might be satisfactorily
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same may be said of children presenting each separate
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including auricles and ventricles. In the second series
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change they contain lipoid and lie upon a lymphatic space which surrounds
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the other hand the most collapsible structures i.e. the veins share in this
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force on the spinal column and the suspension should
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medical science during the short space of eight years.
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be understood by Dr. Thorndike as opposing this oper
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and the special clinical indications form the basis
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turbances of digestion the urine was least so the one
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extremely nervous about himself and was in constant
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roughly scrape it with a curette before its applica
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uterine adenomyomata arise from Mullerian tissues. Their infiltrative
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labor if one deems it expedient in the interests of
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similar process is at work in normal cases though with very different results.
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From November 1 to 16 the stools were formed Embadomonas was rare
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showing the condition of the choroid containing typical nodules consisting of giant
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usually an old one. It is generally combined with a
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the parathyroid treatment. The best results are obtained with the patient
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to 1891 was 38.98 and 61.02 for all cases the ratios
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the operator wary but I do not consider that normal results necessarily
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ments gives to the tissues a nrabilinic icteroid tint.
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used as a local application inhibits the growth of the
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has shown be very inconvenient to go about with infantile memories it would
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fection Infectious Outbreaks in Schools Isolation at
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attitude of rest the maximal the reverse. For instance in the rabbit the
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Q the habit of frequently performing this operation were collected and added to
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very rigid abdomen is dull over the bladder elsewhere
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consensus of opinion is opposed to the view first advanced
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have never critically examined the broken Calculi passed in such quantities
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human faeces may be noted as outstanding since during and following the
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In drawing up this report I have purposely included all the cases admitted
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which it is in contact will also speedily be invol
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extended directly through the substance of the organ.
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terior pharyngeal wall was so small owing to projec
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passing beyond the artificial anus yet this is often an
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Baboon Cynocephalus anubis. Here the accessory glands resemble closely
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gland and the relation of the enlargement to Graves s disease also
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mer and fall and the results were as varied as possible.
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we see these cases in the earliest stages when histories
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Schede describes his apparatus for forcible correc
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Berlin died January 28th aged seventy seven years. His great
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similar nature. Four months ago severe attack catheter passed four times
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This process was repeated frequently and undoubtedly
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will remain with more free hands ready to serve her
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lefded leaving a stellate cicatrix. The mother was a
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for rendering it innocuous. The journal mentions with
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could not be due to ordinary pulmonary embolism. No normal heart would give
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Quarantine Period 21 days from last exposure to infection.
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tension caused by ligature of the carotid trunks under
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has just terminated fatally in the person of Dr. Robert
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enough for experienced surgeons to point to the splendid results achieved


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