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    Of the remaining 16 cases 9 have not been heard from 5 show

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    In the following contribution I shall give the results of certain

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    of London in 1905 and as such was mafle to conform to certain

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    until only recently the first bom was sacrificed to the Ganges.

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    August 15 1914 the pig was etherized sixty four days after

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    after inoculation. Spleen somewhat enlarged otherwise organs

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    with the presence of distoma and neoniatodes which are so commonly

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    will probably live a few years longer but the prognosis of longevity

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    nation. Law is the offspring of morality. Morality is not the child

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    laws and moral codes with no other help than blind chance.

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    of the vasavasorum b small celled infiltration in areas of the

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    This is part of a plan for having prominent medical

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    diffuse sclerosis was just beginning. In some parts of the early

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    immediately after the introduction of citrated blood.

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    for shaving or the operator s hands after he has scrubbed them with

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    attacks. She took no nourishment or liquid during this time and

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    days of a strict carbohydrate free diet or pathologically in patients

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    for six weeks and the child was obviously extremely ill on admission

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    mentioned in the above 2 cases the author suggests that the sudden

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    instruments. In my cleft palate operation I use four.

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    metamorphosis of the school child into the industrial worker. Un

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    The possibility of lead as an etiological factor in human cirrhosis

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    Of great practical as well as scientific worth this book passes

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    closely followed by a shallow one while the next may be normal

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    cumulation may be a rounded ball of various size or may form a

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    migration of the eosinophiles into the interstitial tissues from the lung

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    described in this affection but they may be present in all possible

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    On the evening of January 15 there was a recurrence of pain

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    The author shows a commendable effort toward compactness

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    immediate sterilization of the ulcer with crude carbolic

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    such a forward movement. I mean that briefly Public Health

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    Complaint back and chest. Duration four years. Cause fal

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    treatment of malignant or pernicious malaria is quinin achninistered

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    the choroid plexuses in the cerebral ventricles and

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    It therefore seems apparent that the bacillus abor

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    thalein test for liver function while verv far inferior

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    normally active. There was a flaccid paralysis of the lower extrem

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    in divided doses. In the night she vomited after which she felt

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    To enter into a slightly more detailed discussion of this subject

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    Concerning the Presence of Tubercle Bacilli in the Blood of Tuberculous

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    and his tenure of office sufficiently secured there should be an ade

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    expressed as calories per square meter of body surface per hour.

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    been ver productive. I have collected eight autopsies and seven

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    having had syphilis ten years ago and treatment was taken for

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