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certainly and rapidly permit a wholesome effect from

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this condition. Caldwell and Lyle on the other hand investigating a series

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mal has been starved previous to the experiment little

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dominal wall for about six inches. Upon freeing the

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very active serum for treatment in the care of man.

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sod care in precautionary measures for the health of

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others under different treatment. The eruptiou of the

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acetic acid method we are deprived of this advantage.

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to the bladder so as to be raised by it and have its

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send. He stands with his head tilted a little to the

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beneficial as a means of dealing with ascending infections for as we have

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three to four weeks. Free flexion to right angle and movement painless.

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wounded in garrison and in the field to endeavor to

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well that is to obtain the quickest and surest intellect

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of details concerning the use of the antiseptics em

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ment of general paresis. If there are other attribut

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tient leaves the office he has a feeling of warmth in

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though sometimes valuable as a corroborative element

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great deal to do with the curative action of purely

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tremely rare. It is probable that small emboli fre

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lence. A consolidated lung is of course easily torn

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been issued. If one tithe of the pains had been taken

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must never be forgotten in arriving at a conclusion.

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paper we find that Case IX. is that of a mother fright

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like a pelvic abscess. I think this is the only case in

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of the limb treated. This surgeon was an adept in the

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these irritable throats to follow the application of

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fibres intertwine in every direction and loosely so that an

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The Ninth Exposition of Hygienic and Alimentary Products

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one a child of about five years of age the reposition

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strange bodies were not degenerate cell nuclei. Pio

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is all that is necessary for the performance of arti

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Originated and manufactured by Fairchild Bros. amp

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desirous of preserving such a trophy and although the

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Lynch law cases the signal Ughts of lost confidence in

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any attempt to limit the spread of the disease which

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of the Massachusetts Homoeopathic Medical Societv in

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tions of pituitrin has been repeatedly observed and the marked discrepancy

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faces and profuse perspiration in coming out of the

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the fact not demonstrated by such a case as the one

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faithful and distinguished service as Attending and Con

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cident from chloroform but partly by reason of the fear of

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influence of artificial light exerts a very deleterious effect

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I will briefly pass in review a few of the diseases

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in the treatment of diseases of the skin especially in

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glanda bat in typhoid the increast d glandular activity

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arising from the valves and bloody effusion into the

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beneath which on one side were extensive infiltrations

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