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    are prone to follow and surround the course of the bloodvessels

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    this line. In 1 out of 43 Edinburgh cases and in 2 out

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    sary to observe the excretion of these substances for at least two

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    columns of Goll and Burdach in the dorsal and lumbar cord. The

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    China but equally in the social and scientific life

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    sible. They were able to obtain these substances in

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    origin in prostitution and all that the term imports.

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    pn opportunity to profit by his experience and to reform.

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    the more serious associated as they so often are with disease of

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    my experience it is seldom necessary to dilute the mixture.

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    tempt to determine whether public health nurses in general com

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    choledochostomy ventral hernia with cholelithiasis myoma uteri

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    tive in 85 of individuals without history of typhoid

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    view. Cassel found renal changes in ten out of twelve infants

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    to the Victoria Hospital for Children and physician

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    veloped bloodvessels in the third. The last case shows no reactive

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    degeneration of the liver cells and later a chronic hyperjjlastic

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    less extent an infiltration of the meninges and the sheaths of the

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    ceived the degree of M.D. from Boston University in

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    more frequent in simple than in inflammatory glaucoma. A deep

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    that one would find that the infant mortality rate for those chil

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    smears obtained in the ordinary manner from chronic cases even

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    aged to write such plays themselves. In brief the effort is made

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    uremia a diagnosis substantiated at autopsy two weeks later.

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    the race has improved but for the unit for the individual there

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    cervix and perineum chronic endometritis incomplete abortion

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    which he claims produces rays which are by every physical and

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    when it comes to appraising the relative value of heart vascular

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    than to have risked his life on the field of battle.

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    but it seems proper to state that both hypertonic salt solution

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    February 7. lias had almost continuous pain in the right side

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    the results achieved have been favourably commented upon.

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    fell from the third story into the street. Died three


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