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but the authors state they would not hestitate to use

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The routine Wassermann test is a most valuable aid to prenatal

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nental Schools. Reprinted from the London Medical Gazette 1830.

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have been completed utilising the information obtained at the last

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cows in the spring when they were weak from semi starvation

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chusetts Society for the Prevention of Blindness were

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From the beginning of adolescence on it will always be a problem

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Pathological diagnosis by Dr. Jessup carcinoma of the lower

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years ago in the fight for the enfranchisement of women. He was

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the growth and to prevent the danger of secondary hemorrhage

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the operation. The writer has little of personal experience to give

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blood and its increase was usually proportionate to the increase

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have said 15 of these cases were really instances j

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The Operative Treatment of Chronic Intestinal Stasis. By

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Frequently one finger gets numb and cold and remains so for hours

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fering from severe diabetes mellitus and obtained a

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to a mass corresponding to the bottom of the fistula. It was ligated

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mailing room of the Board of Health has been nearly swamped of

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A house of thirteen rooms with one bathroom is occupied by

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and taken either broiled or boiled. Fish mainly the white

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displace the diaphragm upward will accentuate the normal ui ward

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Dr. Frederic M. Briggs has tendered his resignation

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article is a clear and valuable presentation oi this

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nent men. and iu particular of Louis XI. and was in

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in the elucidation of the text. The author has drawn largely

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these results are reliable and that the calculating

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family life been made possible. If she recover it is often to lead

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for resection because of extension to adjacent tissues and glandular

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between 81 and 90 systolic blood pressure 154. dias

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distinction referred to by Bunting of the majority of males being

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