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occurred involving about half an inch of the vaginal
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urinary infections afford an excellent example of the way in which judgment
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cent. showing either that they had different ideas as
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visible with a low power and pigmentation was not observed. The cases of
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hearing Dr. Bradford s very interesting observations
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resembles squamous epithelium D the presence of large cells completely
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shows itself on the surface. It is at a great depth. It
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remarked on the clinical relationship between these
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immune against a certain infectious disease then his
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removed with small mortality. In one case I removed
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New York 4 Lowell 2 Brooklyn Cleveland Worcester Somer
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metritis partialis or universalis which are treated
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to develop with rapid strides into a welMefined case
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was felt extending three inches above the umbilicus
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with one of the solutions described later. It then should
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the hyperglycemia produced may be so great as to bring about glycosuria.
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one hundred nor more than five hnndred dollars for each
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found that it was the custom in all the schools that he
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be made and even if the peritoneal cavity is opened
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resnit in many instances serious hygienic sins were
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the cerebro spinal fluid shows a leucocytosis then the radical mastoid operation
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cently gave a demonstration on his own person of the
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Certain it is that polyuria and consequent thirst only occur when the
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fessor of Physiology In the Owens College Victoria University
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which she fainted twice. The pain continued and grew worse she became
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else vegetables rich in phosphorus and potassium sa
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been studying the chemistry and physiol of spermin
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psoriasis with the apparent result of making the dis
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is difficult to estimate as the patients were luna
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observers with the minutest care a difference between
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its altering the chemical constitution. But until recently we have been
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describe the apparatus used for this purpose. In ad
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months ago because she thought she had an occasional squint.
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enclose the bulbous crown of the tooth and simultaneously embrace its roots.
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The Origin and Destination of the Interstitial Lipoid.
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fibroid above referred to although they occurred some
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from a work on physical diagnosis alone Northwestern Lancet.
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from the general peritoneal cavity by old and new ad
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unsuitable to its culture and this is what explains
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pns tobe and pelvic abscess on the one band and those
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to reveal the appendix. The cavity was irrigated with
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should be dressed and from this time until the tube
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From diarrhoeal diseases New York 10 Cleveland 4 Milwaukee
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from rising and miscarriage will occur. It is known
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force if they so elect such measures as are directed
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meanwhile would send us at once a nurse with directions
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experiments which it is claimed demonstrated this fact
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lying in women and the results have been good to hear
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Scylla and Charybdis and discovered no greater dangeis
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The majority of the cases of this kind occur in in
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between the clinical signs and symptoms and the results of these tests. When
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sions caused by riding the velocipede which is sugges
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uterus by a competent surgeon upon a healthy patient
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the selection of a ligature. It seems to the author that
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way in which a single mind frequently strikes out new
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ant and his guardian being denied access to him. On
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dysentery or its absence were often unreliable. For instance he had per
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with the cases of excision and he would contrast the
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mutual appreciation and general criticism of materials and processes on which
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but the benefit is much less certain to follow than io
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be perfectly willing to compare bis results with those
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Eecognizing that laboratory experiments can only reproduce to a greater or
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time amply sufficient for the performance of most oper
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desired but there was room enough for the manipulation
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We have now more than sixty commissioned Dental Officers in the Army
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examination of the vegetations on the heart valves. But until recently bio
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COD LIVER OIL AND IODIDE OF IRON. For all Diseases of the Lungs.


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