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seven weeks after injury a long round curvature ap

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hard Heubner of Leipsic has finally accepted the chau

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while in the coarser structure of bone cartilage and

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nection therewith presents in a concise and interesting

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and there has not been recurrence of the serious at

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over one quarter of the cases that formerly existed.

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that the air may travel back and forth without mak

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the bladder. It accompanies the more extensive cata

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but if the posterior wall and vault are covered to a

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most normal persons shows an increase of white cells

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curred as often as nine times in Carlisle Southampton

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blood cysts and newly formed blood vessels arc scattered through the tumour.

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utes sometimes a quarter of an hour sometimes half an

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cess rate was still greater. Any slight prevalence of

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more or less disturbance in its action as determined by

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after the injury if possible so as to control bleed

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people I have never yet been able to find any basis

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compulsory detention would be harmful to the best interests of the clinic.

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after that he was sent to the convalescent home having apparently recovered. Three

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infectious diseases and the public health is placed

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beneath the root. The attachment is to a layer of cement. The lowermost

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the facts which has been employed against the opinion

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to estimate the function of the opposite kidney before a possible nephrectomy

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the little corpuscles above described. These filaments

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by a condition of irritation produced through the short

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the child is also pigeon breasted so called from the

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the valley of the Charles. The offensive conditions

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broadens into the petrous portion of the temporal and

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of the thyroid and so does the thyroid sometimes en

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circumstances the murmur is produced by compression

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is dread of responsibility and various morbid fears.

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small pox has occurred the last week. The patient is

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The experiments may be assessed in the following way

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the same condition as the right. Consolidation com

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permitted the immediate occupancy of the buildings

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pounds. At no time did he suffer from pain and only

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of the work and has told the Board of Health that the

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in an improvised splint. Wrong or delayed action in

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This ritumi of my method of procedure in this class

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Carbolic acid creasote resorcin salicylate of soda

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patches had been treated as in Case I. but nothing seemed

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same patient re entered my service with a history of

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ing reported at Hdqrs. Dept. Dakota is assigned to tempiarary

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have expected localized enlargements at the sites of the perforating vessels

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debauchery and that debauchery is a prime factor in


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