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vaginalis and one with melon seeds. These areas of atrophy were either due

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watch the progress of the disease and the effect of

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The two animals which survived the inoculations were

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of hospital trustees in disposing of the services of physi

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dysenteric and tubercular children. Many of the best residential quarters

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the tips of the fingers. I lay great stress in the treat

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least four or five times that of deaths from ether.

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far more effective and reliable than iodoform. Or if

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immediately after exposure to that which causes it

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appeared normal except the testes which were very small and on histological

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ipecacuanha along with tannin without causing either nausea or vomiting but

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with by intercurrent bronchitis or other trouble in the

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Besides these tests many others have been employed from time to time and

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provide a far more accurate assessment of renal efficiency.

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and divided with the knife. There was no cedematons

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my experience convinces me that much reliability may

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and lifts Caesarean section. Delicate intricate formidable and far reaching

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Medical Board. In the history of this institution no

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in dementia praecox which arising at puberty or early adolescence in the great

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have earned their reputation in the realm of surgery as

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thropist and submit it to the cold impartial scrutiny

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to the per cent of ultimate cures after operative treat

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trouble in the nose your first thought should be is there

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ultimately in many instances for a return to the original constipation.

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establish State farms for the production of vaccine

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palms but these eruptions were smaller and not swollen she was very

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about the appendix which was situated in the pelvis

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mainly upon the credibility of the plaintiff. Care

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required. Of course if the patient is too ill an antiseptic

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a day was given in conjunction with the otber remedies

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has been described as the ceremonial of war interpreted in medical terms it

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frequently seen in hospital nurses. An important in

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ceived opinion. After the mind has given itself up lo

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described in the British Medical Journal August 14 1920. A row of classical

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July flowed three weeks passing a great many clots

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laboratories is a very different thing from the secret

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Augur assistant medical director of the Army of the Potomac

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the Section will be published when the programme of the meet

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Abbott A. C. Gbemlcal pbysioal and bacteriological atDdles ol air

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Fall River 3 Boston and New Bedford 2 each Milwaukee Fort

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My own experience of Whitman s astragalectomy is limited but I join issue

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showing the distribution of typhoid fever in Lowell

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appointed to meet at Fort Sam Houston Texaa at such time as

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cases of arthritis the physician or surgeon must not omit a thorough and

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been no deadis. There are at present nine patients in

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often lost temporarily and after operation there is

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could be seen perfectly and its varying changes of action

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Ekme patient was admitted to my service on the siz

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to take place after this warning is given and we should

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tried. The others were not intelligent enoagh to try

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It has seemed to me that a very erroneous idea of the

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which some vision remained its amount or degree did not always correspond

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The liver and kidneys were normal in appearance. The

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not so lasting. The douche by contracting the blood

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tory of the profession teems with examples in which

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a lowering of this threshold probably due to pituitary deficiency. I would


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