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It must not be occupied by other persons than those now

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and of uric acid. Not infrecjuently it would remain

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few drops of olive oil facilitates the mixture of all

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cates thereof shall always be open to inspection in the oCBce of

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offered uiat it mieht be well for boards of health to con

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have no doubt in a futile attempt to head off human

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tic fluid for the salt solution. Several successful

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two or three days and was treated by absolute rest to

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tended cerebral ventricle. Dr. Frank of Chicago re

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successful they are doctors only by title without any

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and atrophic muscles come into play as corroborative

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above. As far as possible specimens obtained by ureteral catheterization have

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IVIoseby s remarks said that the ascites accompany

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sive building up of new tissue a strictly nutritive

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better qualified to battle with the scientific theories

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possible protected from pollution by human excreta

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divided. Death will generally be an inevitable Ck gt n

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of Strassburg and other distinguished clinicians have likewise added favorable reports and

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have read of a case in which some fifty days elapsed

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legs. Case later diagnosed as tubercle of the right hip and treated with

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laterally without falling. Standing in upright position he can localize an object

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The last group contains the patients whose recovery appeared to depend

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were able to procure some morphia for him on the next

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tion of pregnancy where after childbirth the diseased

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ing Green have thought fit to grant any reductions to

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able degree of cleanliness a very dangerous operation

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tetanic seizure. MacCallum 7 suggests that tetany is an acidosis and this

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oil of sabine and oxalic acid at least in dogs rabbits

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of small pox 145 the experience of two women physicians with

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resemblance to the nervous symptoms of the first stage

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annual report which is rarely published till a year

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February 3 well marked but the past pointing defective. Galton whistle heard

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KenyoD C. U. Annual address before the Medical Society of the

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tincture of iodine the simple as well as the compound

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womb MInot F. 405 419 the non surgical treatment of chronic

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of urine and pyuria. Operation May 20 1920 Complete removal of crura

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removed the entire rectum and brought down the sigmoid and sutured it to

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may be in its source that no ice can be recommended

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show that this action is through the agency of the ner

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of the struggling person was compressed by a girdle

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cut stained for organisms and carefully examined. Fig. 2 represents diagram

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rent about six milliamperes which is a strong current

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he noticed that it straightened the bend and therefore

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Transactions of the American Orthopedic Amoclation Seventb

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affords a yielding medium to walk run jump or alight upon

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throughout the year and the grasses are always green.

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eyelid. In many cases a Motais operation is preferable provided it can be

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of a fibroid. Certainly there have not been as many

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every day. Discbarge is decreasing and cavity becom

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am inclined to think we shall be able to get along very

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than the actual condition which will lead to any suspi

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fore ws learned her disposition then which led him to

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very solidly and conveniently by a Middleton Clip at

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In old age again the gonads lose their potency and calcium excretion is

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two inches in diameter. Sense of resistance on palpa

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tendency of the Commission in Lunacy to evolve itself


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