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practically every civilized tongue. It is also known from wide clinical observation thai

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both wings being free to move the right axis to the left

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pains at first general abdominal later becoming local

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in San Francisco for the reception and entertainment of

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affections of mycotic origin in tropical countries. During the war we noted

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patient s condition should determine the dental surgeon whether he shall advise

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testine throu r i which the gall can again escape into

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autopsy Peokham P. E. 61 specimen of gangrenous and perfo

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nancy has resulted happily in the birth of a child last

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ulcers with sharply circumscribed edges and perfectly

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measure of the functional damage present we find that in the normal patients

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most perfect by inserting a tube through an incision in

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pedient started to miscarry spontaneously at about the

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lesions presented were essentially those of a complete

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these experiences raise the suggestion that the sun s

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in April as sue has gained thirteen pounds and her cough

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in Hospital for 1893 shows a continued high record of

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lu considering the bacteria met with in their examina

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phalangeal articulation. A few fibres of the tendon

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invalids in many cases bedridden for several years before operation.

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many others suffering from involutional changes become chronic invalids. We

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the abdomen her pelvic was filled with bloody serum

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was rejected for military service abroad because his

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considerable self indulgence in alcohol particularly

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events it is certainly true that its action in this regard

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blood can be pressed from the cut surface everywhere.

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Dr. Sequeira of the Dermatological Department at the London Hospital I

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it is well known that the dartrous eat a much larger

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peritoneal surface of the abdominal wall. The wound

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ent as in those in which it is absent. They also show

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ing it with the post nasal forceps even in exercising

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overlooked as the amount of swelling was so great that

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abdomen very fat and somewhat tender all over espe

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I stimulate the thyroid gland where it is enlarged by

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in the posterior portions of the upper lobes there were

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tion and the nurse holds that key. Everything else

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a ligature of fine sterilized silk placed about them. The

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his trouble was duodenal ulcer and another one of whose main symptoms

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it is often a very nice question to make a positive

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in the East last summer has come to light in the sen

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by the medical officers of health of England daring the

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involved the wall of the rectum. Two examples of extra uterine adeno

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In fig. 1 a portion of the tumour is shown containing numerous denticles

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the arterial remained richer in sugar than the venous

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frangible there the caloric influence is strongest and

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it is to be controlled was not mentioned. The chief

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light on the causation of mental illness. The term recovery however is

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has so inccessfully operated upon came under my care

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This splint is part of an apparatus devised for the

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water I gt e alkaline as at Banff so much the better

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mortality in connection with the staphylococci would be

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of urine and pyuria. Operation May 20 1920 Complete removal of crura

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should withhold its use until a diagnosis can be made

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in the radial artery and a slow heart action are occasionally found together.

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cannabis Americana ceratum extraoti cantharidis ceratum

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cent and glycosuria. The solitary symptom is early cataract. Now we can

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is present and it is rarely the case that both epi

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certain cases these high ratios of germs were attrib


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