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upon a written request from the legal representative of
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other relapse of appendicitis after my so called services
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the separation of the sick from the well as far as possible
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tient left the hospital the uterus had contracted firmly
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the most valuable in surgical practice and the most constantly in keeping
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As the tube is apparently normal throughout it seems probable that the
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stances had considerable influence in determining us
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no doubt of the value of hysterectomy whereas if the
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results. Some agreement must now be reached on these points and I hope
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tions are free from suspicion on account of the intelli
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the surface of the body in case they are of sufficient
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allied to Monilia but mycelial threads are much more abundant both in the
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defects are observed. A conspicuous instance of this
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clinical feature. It is probable that suificieot blood
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breath. Yet on examining the throat small whitish yellowish spots will be seen
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might be the starting point of thrombosis occurring in such operations as
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expression of his thoughts or for the lack of the appro
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In neuritis there is a pronounced steady rise in the
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gous botany idea was put into my hands as a safe and
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changes in personnel especially of medical officers to replace casualties
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think a point of vast importance is the early diag
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twelve days. Supply of breast milk unaffected and the child entirely breast
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fluence which the conditions of American life have in
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corrected attitude. Bernard IU gt th has insisted on the
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manuer much useful knowledge of a kind hitherto not
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aetiology of certain types of chronic nephritis known to the physician. The
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i.e. when glycaemia rises the threshold rises and vice versa the threshold
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on the contrary there was a mass of fluid likely at
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at a recent meeting of the Berlin Medical Society by
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extending through a period of more than seven years.
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The average weights of the testes after removal of the epididymis and tunica
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tion patient stated that all symptoms of pain had disappeared. I could find
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form that they were aware of. Therefore it seems to
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usually bronchial respiratory murmur in the neighbor
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pressure. Its border is somewhat raised and it pro
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It sometimes happens for instance that one has no anxiety about proceeding
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ing the week ending at noon February 7th there were
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exception I am satisfied that I have supplied comfort to many sufferers by
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are either life or death health or ill health and to the
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Hospital for Women Philadelphia. The Causation of the Dis
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varied from 76 to 90. At noon the breathing was still
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Adhesions firmly binding rectum bladder or intestines to the tumour
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with corrosive sublimate solution 1 to 2 000. Anti
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as I have dropped the knife. In cases where I operate
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plied. That however is the limit of its therapeutic
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treated with intra uterine galvanism for three months
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ligaments or both and one which in almost all cases in
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convoluted as it approaches the urethra. The importance of this however
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were really cases of cancer of the ovary cancer of the
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the need for elaborate staining or very high powers of the microscope. He
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ipecacuanha along with tannin without causing either nausea or vomiting but
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source of irritation and which kept up the effusion of
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Before passing on to a detailed description of the parasite its rarity in
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often fatal it is particularly exposed to contusion in
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elderly patient would indicate renal insufficiency. But it is pointed out that
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termine on an acceptance or rejecUon as the case might
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A demonstration was first given of certain further reflexes of the semi
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from its adhesions and delivered from the abdominal
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will necessarily engender psychical degeneration. Hence
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Cleveland and Fall River 1 each. From eiystpelaa New York 5
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extensive than the deeper lymphatic spread. In this vaginal involvement the
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eral infection. The respiration of the left chest in


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