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surgical cases and without mischief. He had himself
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made that of the twenty three cases admitted to the
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history cited above that degeneration has invariably fol
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present imperfect knowledge of the pathology of these
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high in both cases while the discomfort produced was
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to the physical impossibility of securing a constant
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suture and the indications and contraindications for
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rectal specialist. The inteDtion has been to state only
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would allow provided her with everything which would
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lesions of the solar plexus and Lepine has produced
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in the combination of carbon with one equivalent of
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of this form of paralysis is that the loss of motility in
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brown or even greyish yellowish and are very resistant to treatment. The
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fever may in the course of years meet with a few re
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symbols and passion only for literature and music of
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a general rule I do not give sedatives for restlessness and excitement and
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plunger the stapes. The chambers are divided by a basilar membrane
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freqaentl. I refer to a habit that some physicians no
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requested that the parasite was unexpectedly found. There had not been any
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constipation persists or returns after hemicolectomy when it is so common to
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operation and should verify it when the stitches are removed. Any alteration
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sinus extending toward the ampulla of the superior semicircular canal.
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the age of twelve years. The provisions of this law
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department of statistical work conducted in the most
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embolism in some way resulted from this combination. Both these cases were
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section passing through the fovea the following characteristics were noted
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small pox seems to have a remarkable effect inasmuch
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It had been casually observed that the average size of the mononuclears
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from a statistical standpoint and it would seem that
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cause such active means were taken that that disease
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It is extremely interesting to note the ability to work
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anything which interferes with physiological laws cannot have our approval
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having furnished a nidus fdr a causative agent intro
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the fact that in so many cases treated by incision alone
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Caftain Goroas on being thus relieved will report to the
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ment by various devices and drugs it was determined
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that they have never ruptured a perineum and that all
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the cause of death was uncertain but the clinical his
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has retured. The condition of the nails and hair has
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dren s teeth and his contributions on this subject to the
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tion of the different species of schistosomes. He maintains that their number
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legations have left the city for more healthy quarters.
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sary so constructed that they force the foot in the posi
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the front door as the noise of the street hurts her
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even if it were known not one person oat of one hun
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Old Dislocation of Head of Radius causing Paresis of Muscular
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tion aud anchylosis take place to try to keep the limb
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twenty eight years old married had had for more than
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Measles. Measles and theology 427 the first epidemic in Samoa
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latter was a mixed infection not only with the gonococ
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In the Transactions of the Ophthalmohgical Society 1899 xix p. 281 the
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treme distress with alarming dyspnoea rapid breathiDg
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to the best advantage to detect strictures growths or
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found that the retro peritoneal and mesenteric glands were
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