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fibroid but an ovarian tumor and removed it. Another

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tion not alone because it offered an inviting field for

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now believe that was attributable to the warm weather

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space. The ordinary tricresol which is a mixture of the three isomeric

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varying between several weeks and a year. In excep

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the certificates of death returned to them by physi

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series consisted of 120 cases. The patients had little in common except that

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showed clearly that the mononuclears were on an average of larger size after

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SOBaCKiPTiOH Tbbms VB.OO r fear in advanee pottage paid

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fauned by some of the other investigators to the fact

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on vaccinal lymph their absence in other affections

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was thrombosed and there was an extensive abscess formation in the sinus. The

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ment for those cases which simulate carcinoma in the absence of active

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Professor Daels of Ghent has invented an operation for putting radium

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aggrieved be may take the matter into court and have

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During fourteen years of his work at the Charity Hospi

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Dr. Herbert Williamson said that reliable observations like those of the authors

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whether the unrestrained acceptance of many thousand

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case of Simpson s rupture of the aorta occurred it is

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artery but it was also close to the iliac vessels the

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illegitimacy birth rate. In his opinion these were ill considered schemes which could

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suppurative arthritis in hepatic abscesses andinpyothorax.

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sugar in the urine have polyuria or thirst. It is important to determine

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two years by left siaed Fallopian pregnancy with repeated opera

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violaceous almost livid red zone which appears around

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lesion if unruptured dries up and disappears after last

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in which the lateral deformity was marked while the

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The solubility of gouty deposits was tested by sus

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present and would contra indicate operation. Eemoval of the ureteral calculus

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on posterior superior wall of meatus c cholesteatoma d fistula of

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pilgrims landing at ports of the Persian Gkilf be estab

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by counting the crusts on each other s faces one having

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causes of disturbed sleep even without the definite

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and that under opposite conditions we have good results.

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under thirty years of age and occasioned very profuse

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meeting at Gettysburg May 15th to 18th. It is desired

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lime 3alts and apparently reharden later. Mr. Broderick seemed to believe these

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much to expect of the ordinary media which have thus

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of Bright s disease except for a translucency of the

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brought into consciousness but because something quite different has hap

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This paper which was read and discussed at the meeting of the Section

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The figures obtained are not impossible. The maximum works out to about

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sleeping on the pavement with their head and face completely covered by

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by the pnblic authorities from two distinct sources.

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moles specimens and casts to demonstrate utero foetal adaptation the

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external aspect of the right lobe corresponding to a

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appear to us therefore that estimations of fibrinogen are likely to prove of

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Tsriably requires a stronger current to produce muscu

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wonld prefer to be engaged in affairs. The troubled

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considerably torn and the relations were not readily

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salivation is much increased by this neglect. Many in

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grounds that vivisection is cruel and unnecessary and


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